Beauty & Ageing Series With Alex Pike: The True Power Of Self Love


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To wrap up our three-part Beauty & Ageing Series, we sit down with popular cosmetic injector Alex Pike who opens up about her time in the beauty and modelling industry.

During our interview, Alex reveals the the importance of self-love and self-acceptance, the impact social media has our mental health and advice for parents with teenagers struggling with self-acceptance.

We also discuss:

  • How beauty can help you feel empowered
  • Why it is okay to want to look good
  • How hydration, sleep, and a fresh food diet can brighten your appearance
  • Why Botox isn’t just a cover up but also a preventative
  • The emotional aspects of beauty

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Short for time? Then, why not skip ahead using the below timestamps:

8:40 – The influence social media has on our mental health

13:08 – The psychology behind cosmetic injections

15:02 – The ageing process

19:31 – Why we are afraid of ageing

24:04 – Advice to young teens battling self-esteem issues

24:25 – How to love yourself

29:30 – How skin becomes reliant on products

34:31 – The difference between dynamic and static wrinkles

41:52 – How to accept the ageing process

43:52 – How grief can speed up ageing

47:33 – The stereotypes between men and women ageing

49:02 – How to start loving yourself

54:24 – Advice to parents with young teenage daughters

1:04:40 – The power of meditation

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