Beauty & Ageing Series With Dr Joseph Hkeik: How To Slow Down Face Ageing


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From Australian supermodel, Elle Macpherson to international model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski, Joseph Hkeik is truly the Aesthetic Skin Doctor to the stars. And this week, the renowned aesthetic physician sits down with Sam Makhoul to officially launch our three-week Beauty & Ageing Series.

In this week's episode Dr Joseph addresses the stigma towards cosmetic surgery and discusses the emotional aspect of transformations. He also goes into detail about:

  • The true causes of face ageing
  • How you can slow down face ageing
  • The impact your face has on your emotions and mental state
  • Tips on taking care of your face
  • And how the face is a work of art

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Short for time? Then, why not skip ahead using the below timestamps:

3:39 – What is beauty?

5:43 - How our face and appearance affects our emotions and feelings

8:30 – The emotional aspect of a beauty transformation

9:26 – Dr Joseph's biggest transformation experience

13:59 – The causes of face ageing

15:11 – Uncovering the layers of ageing

15:50 - How the Australian sun is affecting our ageing process

19:22 – The real reason we lose more fat from our face rather than the body

22:54 – The role stress plays on ageing

23:40 – How sleep impacts the appearance of our face

24:45 – The lifestyle factors to ageing and beauty

25:39 – The three pillars of skin health (skincare, nutrition and relaxation)

31:00 – Why maintenance of the skin is important

31:28 – How the face is the most important feature when it comes to attraction

37:45 – The extravagant looks – who’s to blame?

44:00 – Visit the All Saints Skin Clinic website here; you can also head to their Instagram page here.

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