David Goggins: How To Find Fearlessness


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This week Sam Makhouls chats with the world-renowned endurance athlete, bestselling author and retired navy SEAL, David Goggins. In this episode, the pair discuss a defining moment from David’s childhood, the recent bushfire tragedy which took place in Australia and how you can help.

You will learn how David found his true identity and stopped living to please others. David provides insight on how to strengthen your mind and how to overcome adversity, using past a failure or hurt to build a stronger mind.

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Short for time? See below timestamps for key talking points:

09:50 - David shares a defining moment of his childhood

12:52 - A message for those impacted by the recent bushfires

22:20 - How David re-created himself to become the person envisioned himself to be

25:22 - How to use your suffering to find success

31:43 - Why you should never forget where you came from

34:09 - How to finding your inner strength

36:45 - How to find the ultimate state of fearlessness

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