Dr Jenn Mann: Why People Cheat In a Relationship


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Authenticity is what draws us to people. It is one of the most underrated, yet vital traits an individual can hold.

The foundation of authenticity is connection. As a professional, a partner, a friend, you cannot build a relationship without a connection, without trust.

This week, Sam Makhoul is joined by bestselling author and psychotherapist Dr Jenn Mann who discusses the importance of connection. She also dives deep into a study has found that 97% of men and 94% of women who cheat, cheat because of a lack of connection and shares tips on how to rekindle that connection in your relationships.

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Short for time? See below timestamps for key talking points:

01:20 - How to build a connection with a partner

04:46 - The two main things that lead couples to a break-up

08:27 - The importance of making love in a relationship

13:10 - How to deal with rejection from your partner when it comes to intimacy

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