Jane Teresa Anderson: How To Interpret Your Dreams


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We all dream; in fact, the average person has five dreams per night. But did you know that each dream consists of hidden messages developed by our thoughts and feelings?

In today's episode, Sam Makhoul is joined by dream analyst and dream therapist Jane Teresa Anderson. With an Honours degree in Zoology specialising in neurophysiology, Jane has been researching dreams for nearly 30 years and is an author of seven books focused on all things dreaming.

During this episode, Jane discusses ways we can better understand our dreams to uncover their true meaning, as well as how our fears navigate the nightmares we experience and tips on how you can overcome them.

Want to learn more about Jane? Visit her website here. Do you wish to purchase Jane's new book? Simply click this link.

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5:20 – The reason we dream

7:40 – The meaning of death or loss dreams

13.10 – Why we dream about cheating

15:30 – What are nightmares and how to stop them

21:05 – The cause of sleep paralysis

27:40 – How the fast pace world is affecting our dreams

28:22 – Learn how to understand your dreams

37:15 – Why individuals have sexual dreams

39:05 – Do babies dream?

40:10 – Why it's important to understand our dreams

Want to learn more about Jane? Visit her website here.

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