Jim Kwik: Learn The 4 Digital Villains Damaging Your Intelligence


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With many of us staying home due to COVID-19, we are finding ourselves binging on TV and social media for hours.

Whilst this is keeping us entertained, it is putting us in a sub-optimal state of intelligence.

In this Aussie exclusive, the author of LIMITLESS, Jim Kwik joins me to talk about:
  • The 4 super villains limiting our intelligence and performance in life.
  • The Mindset, Motivation, Method model for exponential learning and growth.
  • How to examine, excavate and expunge limiting beliefs, impacting your mindset.
  • The 3 key elements to motivation.
  • The 5 methods to accelerated learning.
  • How children should learn.
  • The 8 LIES of learning.
  • And so much more from arguably the world’s best teacher.

Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

4.20 - Identifying the four digital super villains (digital deluge, digital distraction, digital dementia, digital deduction)

5.08 - Digital deluge

6.09 - Digital distraction

6.28 - Digital dementia

8.13 - Digital deduction

9.54 – Training tools to help build the learning skills of teenagers

12.20 – How to bring the model to life and overcome your weakness

12.47 – Introduction the three Ms (mindset, method, motivation)

14.09 – Mindset

14.53 – Method

15.38 – Motivation

15.55 – The learning of LIES (limited ideas entertained)

18.29 - How to uncover your S3s to improve your learning

26.35 – The three Is (inspiration, ideation, implementation)

33.44 – How parents can best interact with their children

40.51 – How to guide children to finding their purpose and motivation at school

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