Joachim Herrmann: Is 5G Really That Harmful?


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Sam Makhoul meets again with building biologist and author, Joachim Herrmann. Joachim is a faculty member of a Higher Branch and an expert thought leader who spoke at our annual event, Upgrade Your Life 2019.

In our previous two podcasts with Joachim, he taught us how to eliminate all the invisible stressors on the body so your natural state can shine through and what the impacts of exposure to mouldy environments have on your health. In this episode, Joachim and Sam talk about the science behind 5G, what you can do to protect yourself and the conspiracy theories.

Joachim also discusses:

  • The science behind 5G
  • The conspiracy theories surrounding 5G
  • How people can disconnect and protect
  • How you can minimise your exposure and protect yourself

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Short for time? See below timestamps on key talking points:

19.15 - How we can minimise our exposure?

28.24 - When is bluetooth at its strongest?

49.40 - How people can disconnect and protect

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