@Johannes Egberts: How To Use The Wim Hof Method To Boost Your Immune System


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Today Sam Makhoul is joined by certified Wim Hof instructor, Johannes Egberts who shares with us the Wim Hof method, how it reconnects our bodies with its natural ability to resist disease and improve longevity; all backed by science. You will also learn:

  • How to use the breath to step into your para-sympathetic nervous system
  • How to use cold exposure to become invincible to pathogens
  • How to manage your stress and become more resilient
  • The importance of starting your day the ‘right’ way
  • The importance of the vagus nerve
  • How isolation causes inflammation

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Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

02:55 - What is the biggest impact on our health?

04:19 - How the Wim Hof method boostsour immune system

21:28 - How ice baths helps manage stress

28:24 - The importance of starting your day the right way

33:03 - What is your vagus nerve and why is it important?

35:37 - How chronic cortisol effects your whole body

38:35 - How can you incorporate these techniques into your daily life

43:55 - Accessing a para-sympathetic state of the nervous system using Wim Hof method

47:30 - How isolation causes inflammation

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