Luke Khoury: Episode 1 - How You Can Prevent Body Pain


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The health and fitness industry is continuing to grow, as gyms and lifestyle education becomes more accessible.

So, we thought it was time to put the experts in the podcast hot seat and create a Body Movement Series to help you navigate through the noise surrounding exercise.

Over the next three weeks, sports chiropractor and accredited exercises physiologist Luke Khoury will sit down with Sam Makhoul to provide education on the dos and don’ts of exercise and what our body really needs and wants.

In the first episode of our three-part series, Luke discusses:

  • The true impact of high intensity exercise
  • Why walking is good for us
  • The reason we lose our balance once we turn 50
  • The true meaning of pain
  • And the different types of breathing to help our heart rate

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Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

2:52 – Who is Luke Khoury

6:18 – Are the gyms doing more harm than good?

10:38 – Is high intensity exercise really worth it?

13:43 – Why walking is a great form of exercise

23:39 – Why balance programs are important for over 50-year-olds

24:08 – The two major reasons why people fall over

24:49 – Exercises to try at home to strengthen your feet

30:27 – What happens when we don’t train our feet correctly

36:52 – Exercises to do to strengthen your feet

Watch Luke's foot drill video here ->

38:31 – Learn how to open and close your toes

40:06 – The negative theory being flat footed

45:44 – Why the fitness industry needs to be regulated

47:14 – The definition of pain

51:03 – How to handle chronic pain

59:04 – Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – what is it and why is it a focus area?

1:00:44 – The different types of breathing

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