Mark Bunn & Sam Makhoul: The Secrets To Being Successful


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In this week’s podcast, we’ve decided to do things a little different.

This week, speaker and author Mark Bunn interviews our founder, Sam Makhoul for his renowned podcast, Ancient Wisdom And Modern Health to discuss our mission and beliefs at A Higher Branch.

During their chat, Sam shares his tips on how you can get the most out of yourself to become healthy and successful, both personally and professionally.

Sam shares with Mark his comments surrounding:

· The types of energy and how it’s produced
· The eight trees of life
· The secrets to building a successful business and career
· How journaling can improve your mental state
· Why you should live a conscious life
· Why sleep is important
· The four s’ that help you thrive at home and work

For more information on Mark, his podcast and opportunities, check out his website.

Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

4.02 – How do you get energy and the time to do all the amazing things you do in life?

4.10 – Why energy is the number one currency

4.47 – How to boost your energy levels

7.17 – An introduction into the eight trees of life (health, love, family, work, friendship, learning, wealth and charity)

7.55 – Click here to watch David Goggins react to Sam’s life defining moments ->

9.29 – How the tree of Health comes to life

10.14 – The tree of love

10.27 – The tree of family

11.17 – The tree of work

12.08 – The tree of friendship

14.37 – The tree of learning

15.31 – The tree of wealth

15.59 – How do define your wealth

22.07 – Why making business personal helps build success

23.42 - The false economy we’re living

29.56 – How to journal

33.23 – The circle of conscious living

36.48 – The meaning of situational gratitude

41.43 – What your staff actually want and what can your company should give them

44.47 – The importance of responsible service of workload (RSW)

48.09 - Why sleep is important

49.03 – The four s’s (sunshine, socialising, sleep and sex)

54.57 – How you can bring to your eight trees of life together

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