Rob Lyon: How To Use COVID-19 As An Opportunity To Grow


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For many of us, COVID-19 has put our lives on hold - whether it is at work, in our love lives, with our family or even with our education. But what if we looked at this global pandemic differently?

What if we used this time as an opportunity to grow - grow as individuals, grow in our careers, even grow in our relationships? This week, Sam Makhoul sits down with health and fitness expert, Rob Lyon to discuss how each of us can better utilise this period from a mental and physical health point of view.

From building on our current skillsets to investing in new ones, to taking the time to focus on our relationships with loved ones; he covers it all. Rob and Sam also deep dive into:

  • How our working lives have changed forever
  • How COVID-19 has made us fearful and anxious
  • The importance of creating a routine at home
  • How mental and physical health trumps intelligence (and why)

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Short for time? Then, why not skip ahead using the below timestamps:

6:33 – The challenges of working from home

7:18 – The four important areas of focus (health, skills, financial, community culture)

12:40 – Three morning rituals that set you up for success

14:25 – The best breakfast foods to eat for optimal energy

15:42 – How to resist your snacking temptations

18:12 – Busting the myth of effective task switching

21:18 – How to use COVID-19 as an opportunity to grow

26:26 – Tips on how to control work culture when working from home

29:57 – List of culture building exercises

32:18 - Why culture is important to productivity

37:19 – The blurred line between working from home and home life

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