Sam Makhoul: How Coronavirus Can Positively Impact Your Life


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Remember what life was like before coronavirus? It was busy; we were always in a rush and felt exhausted as we tried to achieve everything and anything while neglecting those closest to us.

But since COVID-19 took the world hostage (as some may say), we’ve been forced to reassess our lives – in a positive way. Whether it is our family life, love life or work life, our lives have slowed down and our priorities have shifted.

We are spending more time with our family and loved ones; we are working more effectively and spending time learning new skills. But most importantly, we are sleeping more, eating better and looking after our health after months, even years of neglect.

So, can coronavirus positively help our well-being?
In this weeks’ podcast, Sam discusses:

  • Our idea of a “normal” life before and after coronavirus
  • How the virus can positively impact our trees of life – health, love, family, work, learning, wealth
  • Tips on rebuilding your business following the pandemic

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Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:
0.36 – What is normal?

3.34 – The three pillars of health during coronavirus (exercise, nutrition, sleep)

5.58 – How coronavirus can positively impact your life

6.53 – The tree of love during coronavirus

9.30 – The strengthening of your family unit during lockdown

12.15 – How your tree of work has changed forever

16.08 – How to rebuild your business after coronavirus

22.23 - Where your wealth comes from

23.46 - The tree of friendship during COVID-19

28.08 – The evolution of the tree of learning during the health crisis

33.35 – Why coronavirus has been a gift for our well-being

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