Sam Makhoul: How To Regain Control Of Your Life During Uncertain Times


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The world we are currently living in is unpredictable. We don’t know what tomorrow, next week or next year will bring - making us feel like we've lost control of our everyday lives.

On this week’s podcast, Sam Makhoul discusses how you can regain control of your life and shares tips on how to shift your focus towards the eight areas of life to ensure you get the best out of every day.

During his interview with Logan Thorpe, Sam also discusses:

  • Why humans have the fundamental need to belong
  • Tips on life blending
  • The importance of developing a daily ritual
  • Tips on journaling your way to success
  • How to shift your mindset towards gratitude

This interview was recorded and released by fitness expert, Logan Thorpe, who invited Sam onto his podcast as a special guest. Check out Logan’s Facebook page here ->


5:38 – The importance of fulfilling all eight areas of life

6:45 – Where humans get their life force from

12:30 – How to reach peak performance

16:20 – The fundamental human need to belong

20:36 – The importance of defining your wealth

23:22 – Why charity isn’t all about money

26:22 – How to life blend

28:46 – The importance of enjoying work

35:21– The three steps to loving what you do

40:55 – The true meaning of charity

44:51 – How to start journaling

45:08 – Read about Sam's journaling techniques here ->

53:18 –Two most important questions to ask yourself daily

57:00 – Listen to Luke Khoury’s podcast series here ->

57:40 – How to shift your mindset towards gratitude

1:00:00 – The story behind Upgrade Your Life

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