Sam Makhoul & Bianca La Cioppa: The Best Of The Best Podcasts: Anniversary Edition


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This week is our podcast's first-year anniversary and to celebrate we have decided to go back and revisit the best episodes, as voted by you, our listeners.

In this very special episode, Sam Makhoul discusses what he has learned from each podcast and reflects on how it has impacted his life.

And to add some extra sparkle to the celebrations, we make a very exciting announcement about what’s installed for A Higher Branch.

So, plug in, sit back and come on this exciting journey with us.

Short for time? Then, why not skip ahead:

1:14 - Our big announcement

8:54 - The next podcast series you cannot miss

13:18 – Lyn Megan Macpherson: How To Be In Control When You're Out Of Control

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15:39 – Rusty Moran: How To Accept The Fears That Hold You Back

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19:29 – David Goggins: How To Find Fearlessness

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29:50 – Mark Bunn: The 5 Health Pillars Of Ayurvedic Medicine

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32:24 – Mark Bunn: Is A Better LOVE-LIFE The Secret To Improving Men's Health?

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35:18 – Alessandra Edwards: How To Discover Your Genetic Type To Eat, Sleep, Move, And Think Better

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37:33 – Guy Winch: The Importance Of Emotional Healing

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41:01 – Dr Jenn Mann: Why Do People Cheat In A Relationship? Learn The Importance Of Making Love And Building A Connection

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44:15 – Joachim Herrmann: Is 5G Really That Harmful?

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47:57 – Tom Panos: How To Outperform Your Competitors

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