Stacey Copas: How To Build Resilience And Overcome Adversity


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Today Sam Makhoul meets with a Higher Branch community member, Stacey Copas who attended our annual event Upgrade Your Life 2020 in January. Stacey Copas, is the author of How To Be Resilient, a coach, international keynote speaker and facilitator on finding the opportunity in change and adversity.

She has worked with large organisations such as Telstra, CSIRO and Holden and has been featured in national media including ABC, Financial Review and The Australian for her insights on resilience in the workplace. What makes Stacey’s approach different is she isn’t an academic or psychologist.

She has created a framework of resilience based on the life experience of overcoming the adversity of becoming quadriplegic at 12 years old. In this episode, Stacey shares her focus on gratitude and journaling, her knowledge and wisdom on how to be resilient in business and life and how to deal with adversity especially during these times where adversity is now rampant.

She and Sam also cover:

  • How to build resilience before bad times hit
  • Positive self-talk to reframe negativity
  • How to practice gratitude
  • Why and how to journal
  • The best way to have difficult conversations

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Short for time? See below time stamps for key talking points:

15.52 - How to practice gratitude

16.18 - Self-talk to reframe negativity

24.47 - Why and how to journal

34.32 - The best way to have difficult conversations

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