Ep. 23: Sausage, Part 2


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In these episodes Brandon and Lauren discuss sausage: its history and versatility, as well as its degradation in modern times. Best of all, they give you the tools you need to make and season truly delicious sausage at home, using quality ingredients (it all starts with a happy healthy pig) in the right proportions.

Introduction and Announcements: Part 1 Show Notes:
  • Musings on the Oxford English Dictionary and the history and definition of the word "sausage", 01:34
  • Versatility of (and traditions in) sausage....The sky's the limit!, 15:30
  • Suffering of modern-day sausage, 20:23
  • Material components of delicious sausage, 24:55
    • Meat from a happy healthy pig, 25:15
    • Salt (2% by weight), 28:09
    • Pork back fat (1/3 of the weight of the sausage), 32:36
    • Casing, 40:40
  • The best sausage ingredients serve dual purposes, 45:15
  • How to make your own sausage, 50:59
Part 2 Show Notes:
  • "You are the efficient cause of the sausage!", 2:35
  • A call to food scientists re: botulism and sausage, 2:52
  • Fresh vs. frozen meat in sausage making, 6:38
  • How to make your own sausage (continued from Part 1), 9:27
    • Skin, de-bone, grind, mix, stuff, link, 9:27
    • Recipes: "Season your sausage seasonally!", 15:57
      • Fresh herbs, 17:19
      • Dried spices, 19:00
      • Liquids, 36:23
      • Fruits, vegetables, starches and binders, 42:26
    • Cooking sausage, 50:52
    • Nomenclature of the word "sausage", 1:02:48
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