Ep. 39: Interview with the Intellectual Agrarian, Part 2


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In this episode, the second half of a two-part interview by Terrance Layhew of The Intellectual Agrarian, Brandon and Terrance discuss: on-farm processing standards; how locally-raised food contributes to a healthier environment; the backlash of "modern efficiency"; how savvy cooks and consumers contribute to the production of higher quality meats; the unique skill set needed by mobile slaughtermen (and the daily challenges they face); and other topics.

Introduction and Announcements: Part 1 Show Notes:
  • Pre-show chat, 1:00
  • Brandon's biographical sketch, 2:45
  • Academia and the lack of first-hand knowledge, 10:38
  • On-farm animal harvesting myths, 15:05
  • The burden of abundance - utilizing 100% of the animal carcass in the home kitchen, 24:13
  • Modern-day estrangement from the anatomy of animals, 29:11
Part 2 Show Notes:
  • On-farm processing standards, 1:03
  • Locally-raised food for a healthier environment, 5:44
  • The backlash of modern "efficiency" and being estranged from the cost of one's existence, 8:17
  • Fat: "the most unappreciated edible part of the animal", 16:05
  • The contribution of savvy cooks and consumers to the production of high quality meats, 19:59
  • The three methods of cooking meat: braise, pan-fry and roast, 21:54
  • Re: mobile slaughtermen, 25:39
  • Brandon's favorite species to harvest ...(and why a tenderloin is useless to him), 30:37
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