Ep. 45: Cookery Methods, Part 1


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In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren discuss braising, pan-frying and roasting -- the only techniques you need to cook any cut of meat deliciously! Learn how, by starting with fresh meat from well-raised animals, you will eliminate your need for fancy recipes, extensive ingredient lists, and excessive time in the kitchen. Also learn which cooking method is best for each cut of meat (based upon the part of the animal it comes from) -- Is it tough or tender? Fatty or lean?

Introduction and Announcements: Part 1 Show Notes:
  • Idaho Pastured Pigs (IPPs); 3:21
  • The three methods of meat cookery: braising, pan frying and roasting; 15:48
    • Receptivity to the results of your cooking; 31:05
    • Definitions of braise, pan fry and roast; 36:08
      • Braise - 37:01
      • Pan Fry - 38:17
      • Roast - 38:40
    • Unique facets of each cooking method; about 41:34
      • Larding; 43:22
    • Determining whether to braise, pan-fry, or roast; 48:27
      • Lauren’s X-Y grid, 49:48
      • Examples of how Brandon would cook various cuts, 54:59
        • Pork shoulder (fatty and tough); 55:06
Part 2 Show Notes:
  • Coming Soon!
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