Ep. 59: Homestead Grab Bag (Tractors, Geese, Pastrami & ...), Part 1


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In this episode, Brandon and Lauren share the big "new things" in their lives: a new baby, new geese, and a new tractor! Learn how Brandon is putting his tractor to use in ways he never anticipated and how having a competent and efficient tool affects your psychology. Brandon discusses methods of fattening poultry, including the art of gavage; and Lauren shares the numerous benefits of a Farmstead Meatsmith membership.

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Part 1 Show Notes:
  • We bought a tractor!, 2:03
    • Putting it to work in more ways than we anticipated, 7:47
      • composting (8:04), stacking wood (11:56), making wood chips and debedding (16:15)
    • How a competent and efficient tool affects your psychology, 12:35
    • Tractor purchase and maintenance considerations -- and how it's different than buying a car, 17:25
  • Fat content in poultry and the art of gavage, 24:24
  • Farmstead Meatsmith membership - it offers so much!, 37:35
Part 2 Show Notes
  • Coming soon!
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