Ep. 24: Smoking, Part 1


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In these episodes Brandon and Lauren discuss smoking. They explain its spiritual and cultural importance among traditional societies, its critical role as a pre-refrigeration meat preservation technique, and its incredible ability to enhance the flavor of any meat. They also discuss: brining as preparation for smoking, utilizing wood as a fuel source, the difference between hot and cold smoking, why blue smoke is preferable to white, special considerations for smoking sausage, and why smoking and drinking go hand-in-hand. Brandon also discusses the design of his smokehouse and why he loves his Weber grill.

Introduction and Announcements:

Part 1 Show Notes:
  • The burden of abundance, and pondering the history of pigs in the Pacific Northwest, 1:44
  • Utilitarian function of smoking, 8:00
  • Smoking as: a component of culture, a flavor enhancer, and a bridge to the divine, 11:30
  • Curing/brining meat before smoking
  • Difference between hot and cold smoking, 33:15
  • Our smoker, 38:50
  • White vs. blue smoke, 44:10
Part 2 Show Notes:

Coming Soon!

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