Episode 67: We're Moving. Here's Why. Pt. 1


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In these episodes, Brandon and Lauren talk about their decision to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma. From practical things like needing more room in the home and on the farm to the spiritual necessity of being closer to the Mass.

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Part 1 Show Notes:
  • Charcuterie prayer and intro, 1:10
  • Thee classes in November, 2:05
    • 2-Day Family Lamb class November 5-6th in Husum, Washington
    • 1-Day Hog Harvest class November 20th at New Woodlands Farm near Russellville, AR
    • 1-Day Beef Butchery Workshop November 27th, hosted by the Robina Institute in Nelson County, Virginia
  • Family Pig classes in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 7:46
  • Bigger butcher shop/new limitations, 9:06
  • Brandon's interests, 13:56
  • Our new place, 15:51
    • Eighth baby on the way, 20:08
  • Our beef needs, 24:00
  • What's prompting our move, 28:18
  • Wanting to be closer to the Mass, 32:49
  • Risk tolerance, 43:07
  • Washington State's freedom vs. risk, 47:10
Part 2 Show Notes:

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