Commander David Scott - Cmdr. of Apollo 15. One of four living astronauts to walk on the Moon


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Colonel David Scott was the Commander of Apollo 15 Moon mission in 1971. Col Scott was the first man to drive the Lunar Rover on the Moon and is one of only four surviving astronauts to have walked on the Moon’s surface.

Col Scott flew to space three times in this illustrious career. His maiden voyage was on Gemini 8 with Neil Armstrong, when he became the second man to walk in space. The middle flight was on Apollo 9 with Jim McDivitt and Rusty Schweickart.

Prior to becoming an astronaut, the Texas native graduated West Point and joined the Air Force. After serving as a fighter pilot in Europe, he graduated from the Air Force Experimental Test Pilot School. He furthered his test pilot training under the watchful eye of the legendary Chuck Yeager.

Col Scott was a member of the second group of Astronauts selected for the program. He retired from the Air Force in 1975 with the rank of Colonel and more than 5,600 hours of logged flying time.

He now lives in Florida with his wife Mag.

Be sure to join Mick and Mook on 22 September for what surely will be a fascinating interview.

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