Complementarian Cemeteries and Smashing the Patriarchy: An Interview with Beth Allison Barr


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Does the idea, or the very phrase, "Biblical Womanhood" make you shudder a bit? Us too.
In this episode, we interviewed Beth Allison Barr about her book The Making of Biblical Womanhood. Beth is a Historian at Baylor University, and her book makes a brilliant case that the idea of "Biblical Womanhood" is more of a product of the patriarchal world that the Bible was written in than it is a product of the Bible itself, much less God. Dr. Barr shares from her perspective as a historian, and as a woman who's been marginalized by the church herself in painful ways.
This is an important book that needs to be featured in the Church as we journey towards equality and the empowerment of women.
The scotch we sample in this episode is Oban Distillers Edition. It's a delightful treat.
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