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Thrilled to have Zali Steggall MP on the podcast this week. On Monday, November 9th, she sends her Climate Act to the lower house. You can support the act by signing up with 88,000 other Australians who want to see action on climate change:

Also we’re joined by musical comedy TikTok star Gabbi Bolt, award winning writer comedian Sami Shah, as well as Lewis Hobba and me (Dan Ilic).

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This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation.

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Guy Lewis, how are you?

Lewis Hobba 0:06
Good Daniel, how are you? I'm good, what could possibly be stopping me from being as good as I've ever been?

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Nothing in the news in particular. First of all, I wanted to say a big shout out to our new Patreon supporters, Damian pine and Philip boothby. Thank you so much to everyone who joins us on Patreon because it helps us make the show every week. Another way you can support a rational fee is to offset the carbon emissions of your car with a go neutral sticker for every $90 sticker go neutral by 3.5 tonnes of carbon offsets, which is about the yearly emissions for your average con five bucks that comes to us. I should make a point handy, Louis that the owners shouldn't be on the individual. We need to get big polluters to pay for the pollution. But before we do that, boy, it feels nice to just drive around knowing that my emissions are offset, and I got a little sticker that to virtue signal to all of my other people on the road.

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Right? I ride a scooter. So if I go neutral that will cover me for like, two lifetimes.

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You're totally fine. You're totally fine. Yeah. Also no St. Louis. This is a big announcement. And a big thank you to everyone who listens to the show, because on the weekend, we got nominated for Best Comedy podcast at the Australian podcast awards. So thank you very much

Lewis Hobba 1:18
the last time we lost that award. We lost it on the night of the last Australian election. So if you recall, we were all sitting in the crowd just watching our phones the whole time going. I this us winning or losing this award is less important than the other winner loss happening in the country right now.

Dan Ilic 1:34
Yes, that's right. I totally forgot about that. We are up against some good people though. improv tunes. A couple of comedians called Hamish and Andy. I've never heard of him, Matt dalla and Tony Martin sizzle town and Alfred's dragon friends featuring your Triple J colleague, Michael King. What we know is king beats us.

Lewis Hobba 1:56
Honestly, if I lose to Michael King, I'm gonna have to quit it. I bet Yeah. I feel like sort of like Trump about a week ago. And he was talking about job and just being like, I'm gonna lose to that guy. That guy? Well, I can't lose my, my pride won't allow it.

Dan Ilic 2:10
We need your help as well go to Australian podcast forward slash vote and vote for us and the people Choice Awards. And if you do, Lewis and I will read out all 3000 of your names.

Lewis Hobba 2:21
I mean, sure. It's a it's a it's his new podcast. We're starting. Lewis and Dan ratings. I'm recording mine. But that is

Dan Ilic 2:29
actually that's just every other podcast that does like Wikipedia. True Crime stuff. I write out Wikipedia entries. I'm recording mine of a rational fee on gadigal. land in New York nation. sovereignty was never seated, waited a treaty. Let's start the shark.

Joe Hockey 2:43
A rational fear contains naughty words

like bricks cambro.

Unknown Speaker 2:49
Gum, and section 40 of a rational fear recommended listening by immature audiences

Dan Ilic 2:56
tonight. In the Queensland election, one nation suffers the most humiliating decline since Pauline Hansen's descent down the road. And Gladys berejiklian promises to open the New South Wales Victoria border by mid November, and millions of Melbourne Knights promised to warm up back up again. And researchers have discovered that November is the longest month of 2020 and they haven't even seen December 28. This podcast was recorded on the fifth of November at 8pm. If you're listening to us from the future, we want to say we're sorry, the world is a scary place. That's why you're listening to irrational fear.

Welcome to irrational fear that gives you the scared a sweaty hand to hold on. I'm your host Dan Ilic former spiritual adviser to the President. And this way, we've got some great fear mongers she's a writer, performer and musician and proofing even though you live in the Central West of New South Wales, you can make a big on Tick tock, it's Gabby baltz

Unknown Speaker 4:01
Hello, Gabby. I'm gonna go on my grave

Dan Ilic 4:03
you've blown up on Tick Tock writing oz Paul musicals Has anyone given you a sponsorship endorsement

Unknown Speaker 4:08
yet? No. All I've received is a flag from 2007 in the mail from good old Kevin rod is nice. A friend of kin is very nice. Yeah, I've got got him in the camera roll and everything. But yeah, that's all I know other political donations please in the pocket of

Dan Ilic 4:24
rod and he's a former and told mentor of the Taliban. It's this Saturday is Saturday six semi shot. Can I

Unknown Speaker 4:32

Sami Shah 4:32
I just want to make it clear that the Taliban and I have mended fences.

All find ourselves.

Surprisingly they are in agreement with me about a lot of things they like watching repeats of low you know or binge watching the wires are knocked down. They love listening to ambi sound podcasts as well as different ambient sounds.

Overlap turns out

Dan Ilic 4:57
Sammy, can I ask you this in American democracy Slowly breaking down. Do you have any advice for Americans on how to live with a military code? Oh, look. Okay,

Sami Shah 5:05
so the first trick is you have to have an assassination plan in place. All right. So in in 1988, we had to get creative. We had a dictator for 10 years. At that point, we knew something. So we filled a crate of mangoes, explosives, and put on a plane and the plane exploded because the mangoes exploded. So you got to the bottom, like no one's getting in a library with a rifle anymore. That ship doesn't work. Alright, so the other thing you have to understand is dictators aren't that bad, you know? They build statues. Everyone gets a job in statue building in the baby high growth industry all of a sudden, if you torture you are this is the buyer's market. All right, so you really need to own up those skills. No.

Dan Ilic 5:57
And finally, he's the permanent guest of the Australian podcast Award nominated comedy podcast irrational fear is less How about Hello, Dan? Yeah,

Lewis Hobba 6:05
I'm also Amy Shandy.

Dan Ilic 6:08
Coming up. member for maringa The Honourable Sally steggall MP. She joins us to talk about her massive work coming up. Also, we want to ask her what it feels like to bake Tony Abbott. Figuratively of course. But first, we have a sponsor.

Russell Crowe 6:24
Good eye on Russell Crowe. In Australia, we lucky we live in a peaceful democracy with universal health care, and VBA. But others around the world aren't so fortunate. They live each day with no access to doctors education, and are forced to drink filter coffee. Their cities are mired in civil unrest. Their people are threatened by local militia with both fashion sense. And to make matters worse, they don't have sweet chilli sauce, Americans, but for just $1 a day, you can sponsor an American at globe visions adopt an American programme will pair you up with an American in need, and will build cafes in their neighbourhood that serve non processed food and flat whites will send a doctor that will both bill and distribute pharmaceuticals that they won't have to sell their house to receive. And each month you'll get a photo of your American and they'll send you a ballot for a vote that they want to cast, but couldn't because they had an outstanding parking ticket or moved house on Thursday or some other obscure bullshit. So given American Samoa and a decent chance that a good espresso, it works. I've been part of the Australian adopter Kiwi programme and look at me. I'm Russell Crowe. Very good.

Dan Ilic 7:41
It's a worthy cause. They're excellent. There's a lot of stuff going on in the news. I don't know if you notice that James Packers crown could lose their casino licence in New South Wales. The the largest battery in the southern hemisphere is coming to Victoria. But there's only one story everyone's talking about. Yes, boy, George is going to be recording a Christmas song with Delta goodrem Oh, MJ, what do you guys think? No.

Joe Hockey 8:04
way he should.

Dan Ilic 8:06
Now we're talking about of course the election as of recording right now. We don't know who will be President Biden is only about six electoral college votes away from winning. But by the time this podcast comes out, who knows maybe the next president knighted states could be Eric Trump. We don't know. The counting continues. The protests have started their parties everywhere from Michigan to Portland and even in Maricopa County, in Arizona fear mongers. I'm gonna play you a grab of some of these protests. And I want to I want you to tell me who is protesting and what are they chanting and Gabby has thankfully made us a theme song for this. So let me play that as

Unknown Speaker 8:42
well. Here we go. Sometimes they're happy. Sometimes they're ranting, let's play who is protesting and what are they chanting? Very good.

Dan Ilic 8:51
Okay, guys ready to play? All right. First up, here we go.

Lewis Hobba 9:10
Stop the stop account.

Dan Ilic 9:12
Yeah, they asked they are they could be yes. Perhaps they are indeed some of them are saying stop the count while the others one or the other say

Unknown Speaker 9:19
a count all the votes. count all

Dan Ilic 9:21
the votes? Yes, they are. They are and who are they Trump Biden supporters.

Unknown Speaker 9:26
Support Yes.

Sami Shah 9:29
inconsistency. Yeah. But only because that level of that level of inconsistency can only come from one side of the political divide, which is a drop of water. They are very much the standard themselves as well, not knowing that the shootings on the back.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
Yeah, I can relate there like when I was in year 11 and 12. I was protesting mathematics as well. So I mean,

Sami Shah 9:51
as the only known, I mean, the technical term is non white. Over here right now. All the supporters All protesters on both sides of the aisle are all white from the footage. Yeah. Is this a cultural thing that I don't understand this like the, the application of for mayonnaise or the love of DNA testing like white cultural thing the I guess,

Lewis Hobba 10:17
actually sorry I think this is proving the point of so many white supremacists for so long, which is that not all white people are the same. Some white people want to stop the counts and stuff. I want to keep the counts going. You know, where diverse people with diverse interests.

Unknown Speaker 10:30
just seems like a sequel to Eat, Pray Love, just shout. get angry, contradict each other.

Dan Ilic 10:37
Let's play the next round.

Unknown Speaker 10:38
Sometimes they're happy. Sometimes they're ranting, let's play who is protesting and what are they chanting? Alright, round

Dan Ilic 10:47
two. Here we go.

Gabbi Bolt 10:56
Are they mad at Fox?

Dan Ilic 10:58
Fox but who is mad at Fox? Trump's mad at Fox. Okay. Okay, so Trump supporters are mad at Fox because they are protesting. These Trump supporters are at the Capitol. They're protesting because Fox made the call that Joe Biden was gonna win Arizona.

Unknown Speaker 11:18
We don't like the news.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
You know what? That's not even a joke. That's just pretty much that tagline.

Unknown Speaker 11:24
No more facts. No. Yeah.

Sami Shah 11:27
Apparently, there's a story that apparently is like it's an inside source thing, but that Trump got angry. He called up rupert murdoch and yelled at him about the Arizona account. And what Murdoch didn't back down. And it's trouble in paradise. I mean, this is the most magic breakups in Miley Cyrus and Hemsworth thought like this is as much of a heartbreaking like you think some love would last forever, but clearly nothing mean dating just bullshit one

Unknown Speaker 12:02
day after he endorses the petition to a that would be the next step. Yeah, yeah. Trump on Twitter being like sign this petition I'm

Unknown Speaker 12:09

Dan Ilic 12:10
gonna be signing on Monday straightaway. Finally here we go.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
Sometimes they're happy sometimes they're ranting let's play who was protesting and what are they

Dan Ilic 12:22
chanting and finally this one

Joe Hockey 12:28
is covering up the fight crime family steal this election is covering up.

covering up we will not free up for the world. He was not free of Joe Biden is covering up

Unknown Speaker 12:42
his election. He's stealing their that.

Dan Ilic 12:46
Okay, so who is he? What is he channelling? I think it's Nick. Naughty. I think Nick naughty is trying to get an Oscar for

Lewis Hobba 12:57
Oh, Gary Busey. As big busying

Sami Shah 13:03
tonight, can I just say, at the heart, I've never agreed with the T shirt more. I've never had barbecue beer freedom has ever I've noticed most seen done by that T shirt.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
Nothing is more attractive.

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Nothing is more attractive than that.

Lewis Hobba 13:22
So it's also it's a fourth of July top and I reckon that guy has probably been wearing it since the Fourth of July and really enjoying the be a part of that show. My favourite

Unknown Speaker 13:32
part about that video. I saw that video earlier today is definitely the guy giving the press conference maybe waits a solid three beats for the guy to just slowly walk back in the building, and then just kind of turns around, and he's like, Alright, moving on. Do you just expect chaos like that? America just they waiting for everyone that yell at that press conference.

Lewis Hobba 13:55
He The problem was he wasn't expecting everyone to give him his freedom. Like he was waiting to get tackled or grabbed or something. And he's like, Oh, no, it appears the third part of my shirt was already allowed.

Unknown Speaker 14:07
I guess I just walked myself out.

Lewis Hobba 14:09
You feel his head back to this barbecue.

Unknown Speaker 14:13
Listening to a rational seer.

Unknown Speaker 14:16
This is an embarrassment to our

Joe Hockey 14:18
country. We were getting ready to win this election.

Frankly, we didn't win this election. By the

Dan Ilic 14:25
time this podcast comes out, you probably already know who's president we can we can only tell you things that we already it's that guy. It's the

Unknown Speaker 14:32
radium shed guy.

Lewis Hobba 14:33
I've already reached across the aisle. He's like, what's three things we can all agree on.

Dan Ilic 14:39
So in the last couple of days, what we've seen is Trump declaring that he's one only if people stopped counting, Biden managed to flip four states Trump managed to flip out he's got so bad that Kanye West sent every American a hologram ghost of their dead democracy. Even former Australian ambassador to the United States and alleged treasure for sale Joe hockey got in on the action saying the vote was right. In Washington, DC, this is him on Ben forums programme earlier this week.

Joe Hockey 15:05
The other 10,000 different organisations that are responsible for setting the rules for the US presidential election 10,000 in Australia had the Australian Electoral Commission, thank God that governs the rules for federal laws for federal elections in the US are 10 every state, and then you have counties and you have cities. And if there's a strong bias one way or the other, they do everything they can to either suppress the vote, or to to, you know, to increase about it's just it's a mess.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
So there's a chance that electoral fraud has happened.

Joe Hockey 15:42
Oh, for sure. I mean, it will be but the question is whether it's enough to change the election. And I doubt it is, but But yeah, I absolutely. did. I last thought, in Washington, DC 93% of the city voted pejabat 93%. Even my best booth and launderable. God bless him. When the kids were handing out to the Labour Party. Even my best booth, I got 83% 93% in the city. I find it hard to believe so

Unknown Speaker 16:18
he finds it hard to believe. Wow, I

Lewis Hobba 16:19

Unknown Speaker 16:20
it honestly, in Washington.

Lewis Hobba 16:22
Yeah. And it honestly feels like at the for the first part of the interview. He's reading a pamphlet that he's just found out there. He's just picked up a place He's like,

Unknown Speaker 16:31
do you know they have counties? Yeah.

Dan Ilic 16:34
Joe Joe, Joe? Joe hockey on TGV sounds like a guy that's just listened to a lot of American political podcasts and it's just trying to

Lewis Hobba 16:43
Yeah, he's your friend. He says like,

Unknown Speaker 16:47
my favourite thing is him not considering that a candidate can get higher than 83%.

Lewis Hobba 16:52
And also, like, the history of that is like, no democrat has got under 90% in 15 years, like Hillary Clinton got 91 Yeah, Obama got 92% it just like that. You're that you're out diplomat to that country. And every like, everyone knows

Unknown Speaker 17:09
that shit.

Joe Hockey 17:10
What is wrong with

Sami Shah 17:12
me, but that's not that's not accurate. Here's me, Rick. Ricky forgetting he wasn't our diploma. Reese told him. He was our ambassador to America, reduced anxiety. That was supposed to be his, you know, he is sentenced to his Guantanamo Bay to go there and never come back. I don't know how he got back here.

Lewis Hobba 17:36
Maybe you'd have called Getting the plum position in America failing upwards in like any other generation, except this one where you are like, Joe thinks this is the population. We're sending him to the apocalypse.

Sami Shah 17:51
Yeah, there are people right now, who are the ambassador to Syria who are like, Oh, my God.

That was

like about your hockey. All right. And I do like one thing about your hockey is that Joe hockey is actually just a random factor that i don't know i have in my head, but he's actually a Palestinian Armenian. So he's not actually a white guy. And his real name. I'm not making this up. You can look this up is Joe, aka Dorian. But they changed it a hockey to improve his chances in the family's Johnson's in resettling into him in Australia, Joe hockey domian had been running for politics. He would be in the Green Party right now. In the seat of Brunswick, or

the ambassador to America and Sammy, that's

Dan Ilic 18:43
the only reason why he was only treasurer, he would have been Prime Minister if they'd said it if they change the name to Joe cricket.

Sami Shah 18:54
They did offer it to him apparently, at one point Tony Abbott did asked him if he wanted to be the leader of the Liberal Party and john said no, because he wasn't willing to give up on emissions trading. This is a true story. I don't know why I know this much about Joe hockey. All right, I do. But this so there's a few things about him. He you know, he's actually a Palestinian Armenian. He almost became the liberal Liberal Party, and he thinks no one can be more popular than him when it turns out that's actually pretty common in the world.

Lewis Hobba 19:25
When you're literally chased out of a country for being a reviled treasure with one of the worst budgets in living memory, like and people like

Joe Hockey 19:33
me, it's while

Unknown Speaker 19:37
is everyone who knows me knows I want to make it perfectly clear to the community. I have evil in my heart.

Joe Hockey 19:45
No Fear is rational.

Dan Ilic 19:48
Final fear for this week, Georgia democratic organisers are calling out people to go to tele rooms to cure ballots. Fear mongers, when you hear the term curing ballots. What do you think that means? just leaving them for several months in a brine.

Unknown Speaker 20:06
Exactly what I thought

Sami Shah 20:09
when you put them in Brian is when you

Dan Ilic 20:12
pick Oh, yeah, let's pick a balance everyone wrong. Yeah.

Lewis Hobba 20:17
Right. Oh, of course, of course God.

Dan Ilic 20:20
Now here's the thing if a ballot has a mismatch mismatch signature or the signature is missing on the ballot, it could be tried out or people have forgotten to sign the back of the return envelope will fail to get the witness to fill out their witness information correctly, the ballot could be completely thrown out. So what's happening is volunteers are being asked to go down and sit in a room and call everyone who voted and made a made a mistake on their ballot to rectify this ballot. It's an elaborate process, they've got to sign an affidavit and fax that affidavit in or mail or send that affidavit in with a copy of their driver's licence to get that ballot revalidated. It's like so much paperwork, if you make one little mistake.

Unknown Speaker 20:59
I barely passed the HSC. I don't think I could Miss America.

Lewis Hobba 21:05
America's filing

Dan Ilic 21:08
this week is also strange for another reason in US politics, one that affects us. The United States has formally lifted the Paris Agreement this way three years ago, Trump pulled out which is normally a good thing when he pulls out. But sadly, it undermines this really important work. Our next guest was elected on her green credentials. He's a barrister, Olympian, and independent member for ringu zali. steggall. Oh, am MP good izombie. Zombies absolutely are privileged to have you with us this week. And because on Monday, something incredibly important is going to happen. And I can't help but feel like once again, it's kind of been overshadowed by the moment we're living in right now.

Zali Steggall 21:50
Well, yes, and no, I actually picked it on purpose, because I figured we were either gonna be in a good place worldwide in terms of climate. And we could reverse the decision that Trump took in terms of pulling the us out of the Paris Agreement, or the rest of the world's got to get skates on and counter the impact of the US going road when it comes to climate. So either way, our second Monday, the ninth isn't really important day for us to put a plan in place and get on with lowering our emissions.

Dan Ilic 22:22
Tell us from the very start what is going to happen on Monday? And what what how do you think it'll go?

Zali Steggall 22:28
Sure, I will look obviously, as an independent, I'm actually came into parliament, mainly to try and actually stop the weaponized you know, debate we've had in Australia around climate change and put forward a sensible plan down the middle. So I tried to bring bipartisanship to this so that we can actually help plan so I mean, producing legislation that is in it's actually conservative UK legislation that was passed in the UK, but with bipartisan support, so completely no reason why coalition can't accept it here. And actually, the UK Prime Minister is calling on the Morison government to getting to get on board with the same commitment of net zero by 2050. So the legislation is coming on Monday to the parliament present to you. There'll be a fair bit of stuff around it, my fellow crossbenchers will be speaking on it. And I've invited the prime minister to to actually take the lead and you know, actually be the leader striving needs him to be at the moment.

Dan Ilic 23:25
That's very generous of you. Haven't there been any examples where he's done that? And the last little bit that we can say,

Zali Steggall 23:33
we're looking for start around 20 with the bush fires? Oh, you know, I'll give you that. I wasn't very impressed with that part of it. But look, during the pandemic we have we've seen the Prime Minister Singh premiers, stand up with the scientists give us good factual justification for policy and it works and the Australian people have overwhelmingly complied. I mean, apart from a few people protesting we've really had whole of society, getting on board with the measures needed. And we I reckon we're leading the world in terms of how well we've done economically and health wise, on the pandemic side,

Dan Ilic 24:06
it's amazing what can happen when you listen to a bunch of scientists who actually know what they're talking about.

Unknown Speaker 24:11

Zali Steggall 24:13
You have a policy based on facts and science. And we know with climate, we need to do the same thing as what we did with the pandemic. The pandemic is a tiny taste of what's to come with climate if we don't get our act together. So it is a perfect time for the prime minister to step up

Sami Shah 24:30
your luck closer to the Prime Minister than I will ever get to be so I have no knowledge of this. Why is it that if you know a pandemic scientist is one that finds believable, but a climate change scientist is one that you find that he can't trust in just like a Shia Sunni thing?

belief system.

Zali Steggall 24:53
Obviously, one of the horrendous things yeah, 2020 has been challenging on so many fronts, but it has seen shift towards accepting science. So I think the Prime Minister has to stick to the game we set the path on the cut on the coronavirus pandemic, we need to do the same on on our missions, we need to flatten the curve on our missions. Let's get down to net zero. And then we will feel safer.

Lewis Hobba 25:16
Do you think that I mean, the bushfires were so awful. And a lot of people who have been looking for climate change solutions for so long, I've been worried something like that would have would have to happen before anyone, obviously on a, you know, conservative side took any kind of action. And and no one wanted that to happen, obviously is devastating. And but you know, has it put politics into a position where you think the Prime Minister might be, I mean, either willing in generously or politically, if you're a ungenerous force due to the fact that he his reputation took such a pounding when he disappeared to Hawaii, that he might be sort of forced to really act this time.

Zali Steggall 25:58
Look, I think I'd be a mixture, you know, I really hope that he is the leader, that, you know, he has the opportunity to be and step up to this and bring everyone together. I acknowledge Not everyone can agree on this. But we've got a really sensible pathway forward here. And you've got the rest of the world joining in, you know, the UK, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, it you know, the list goes on, that's committed to net zero by 2050. We don't want to be missing out. We don't want to be behind our trading partners. We need to be on top of this now. Is it going to come there but grudgingly behind the ball? Or does he take the handbrake off? And he put us ahead? That's the that's the challenge. And at the end of the day, is how do you want to be remembered as you know, the power of this parliament and as the Prime Minister, we've had a pretty big year already with 2020. And ultimately, this is our biggest challenge. So I'm still hopeful to build consensus, you know, I'm not the opposition. I'm an independent, my job is to try and bring people in the room. And so that, you know, try and bring people that are a part two together for a solution.

Sammy, I think you either agree or

Unknown Speaker 27:06

Sami Shah 27:09
No, I absolutely, positively agree. I just want to change the topic briefly for a moment, because I don't know when I'll ever get a chance to ask you this is so when you retrieve the sword from the lake and lunge into the chest, check off

your armour.

Unknown Speaker 27:34
Thank you, Sammy. That was actually my next question. That was

Zali Steggall 27:40
funny enough, during the campaign, we actually I had to match tiny on his sporting prowess. So I have both participated in the cold classic swim we both in the local runs. And he actually released a team of bodyguards did while the local five k runs and beat me to the finish line. And they were claiming that I was going to be the big wind. So but little did he know that I was saving it really for the big race, which was the important one.

Lewis Hobba 28:09
Yeah, Tony ever, it was always of the belief as a leader that he could run around the country that would justify his ability to run it.

Dan Ilic 28:16
Some people, some people who may be uncharitable might say, what's the point of an independent backbencher? throwing this in the ring and getting this into parliament? Why don't just get to fade it in? Everybody moves on? What do you say to those people?

Zali Steggall 28:29
Well, with due respect, the major parties haven't really gotten this this so far, you know, they're kind of, they keep using the issue of climate as a way of trying to beat the other side. And they only really look at their own self interest. We know 80% of Australians are concerned about climate change, sit over 60% want us to commit to net zero by 2050. Labour labour, you know, they say that they're committed to it, but they don't really have a plan. And the liberals know and the coalition know they have to do more, are they under threat from a lot of areas like orinda that want more action on climate change. So I think I am the perfect person to bring it forward. And actually said, This isn't about one side winning over the other. This is actually about the Australian people get to win. So my call has been for all of society to get behind it to get business, get industry and get health care environment groups, everyone to come forward and ask for this solution with I think Australia has had enough of the climate walls. We want 2020 to be the year we all move on. like totally,

Dan Ilic 29:29
and it's so transparent to say that particularly on state levels all around the country. And it's so weird just to have this outline of the Federal the federal coalition just doing f all and it's so it's just so it's it's so frustrating to see this. It's so frustrating to see the lack of leadership when everybody with the tail is wagging the dog in Australia, like the local governments, the state governments, the corporations, they're all they're all doing what they can and yet there is no formal action plan. From the It's so strange

Zali Steggall 30:01
to see who you think is the towel say I think the tail wagging the dog is actually that kind of ends. And, you know, the fire Queensland and rays are hanging on to fossil fuel industry in their electorates. And there are only one or two votes. And it's all the others that are following this kind of with call from these outline and pace. So I think that's a towel that we need to get rid of so that the dog can get on with the job.

Sami Shah 30:26
And someone is not a politician, you know, because that's not the background, the people in Parliament, most of the people in Canberra, this is all they do. This is all they've done the young people when they were teenagers, because they have two losers. And this is Bob they followed. It is weird. Is it like? How do you adapt to that culture, you know, as a civilian and a normal human being a functioning adult prior to this? I think I was functioning.

Zali Steggall 30:59
I have had moments where I've been quite astounded by what happens in Parliament and the way some people behave. And when I think that these are the people that are making the laws that are going to regulate everyone's life. It's quite astounding. But look, there are some good people component on both sides of the aisle that have in life experience. But if you could then curry politicians or people that have only had experienced through the party machine, and they have to have a career outside politics. I think that would be a good thing.

Dan Ilic 31:30
Like sports soon as they get an injury. They're off to Melbourne.

Zali Steggall 31:37
Yeah, if you're doing a job application, yes.


Dan Ilic 31:43
Well, Sally, thank you so much for joining us on a rational fee. Good luck on Monday, my friend Melvin directed a great little ad to promote the climate change act last week, and I think went out last week. It was very moving. It's a beautiful ad. I'll share it in the in the show notes. When we put the podcast out. It's just a kind of gripping cinematic piece that somebody trapped within the fires trying to write a letter to their MP and it's just, it's just heartbreaking. I know Melvin and I was messaging my my my wife was messaging him throughout the throughout that period when we had bushfires, and he was actually him and his his family were trapped in fires. And it was I think all of us were so shocked by that moment in January, that that was a wake up call that we needed and sadly COVID came through and wiped out the momentum for it but I don't think it's gone away. I honestly think honestly, I think people are still engaged with these issues and want to see action on this issue. And I think you have such a huge backing. And I just wish you luck.

Zali Steggall 32:44
Thank you. Well, I need you guys and everybody out there to get behind it.

Lewis Hobba 32:48
every vote counts. If you can do this, Sally, we will get all that Patreon subscribers to donate $1 will melt down those dollars and we'll make you a special gold medal. Rational peace.

Dan Ilic 33:01
We want to thank you very much at least before we go Gabby has written us a song to see us out. It's about time I have it that happened this week. Me

Gabbi Bolt 33:10
basically Yes, the Melbourne Cup happened this week. And I I've never really supported the Melbourne Cup much in my life ever. Except when I was six and I wanted the pony. But I saw that another horse died this week sorry this is sounding old very Simpsons funeral mochi. But I went and wrote this song so I've come up with a solution. I've come up with a solution that I think will please literally everyone, sports lovers, arts people, broke students like myself, everyone's happy with this so I hope you hope the government somehow hear this and hear me out. It's shameful to think as a nation we drink and celebrate the Melbourne Cup. We place all our bets hold back champagne intense while a horse coughs up along televised in disguise to the nation as a classy and fancy occasion. But instead of a whole scopes competition, here's what I'm thinking, Oh, why don't we just race the spec Titans. Check him on the Flemington track. Let them keep their fancy fascinators if they run the whole lap, I want to see you know rail who's missing his shoes and Darrell who's on his 12th glass of booze step up to the plate something nation to race for the Melbourne Cup. And I'm not saying we should change the whole damn thing. They'll still be real monetary stakes on who we think we should when school kids will dress up because they dedicated we add a spare cup to the most neighbour. Yeah. I mean, I'm not one for sports. But one thing I know I watch the shit out of that show race the spectators make them run for the big prize and if someone's breaks a leg that aren't have to be euthanized. Time for an equine intervention bringing in a new kind of athletic content. I think it would be more fun for the spectators to run in the Melbourne Cup. Yes swap the horse hooves for heels make the rich really squeal for the Melbourne Cup yes say no to horse cruelty cuz the spectators should be

Unknown Speaker 35:32
very I feel very passionate about it just off of the climate change act goes live on Monday I'll bring in my rich people should run the funding contract.

Dan Ilic 35:42
Jingle for climate change. Evie has got you. Please thank Gabby both Lewis hobas semi Shah zali steggall Thank you very much everyone. Do you have anything to plug Gabby? You wanna plug anything?

Unknown Speaker 35:54
I have music from two years ago on Spotify. Very useful. I it's okay. That's there. But apart from that nothing

Dan Ilic 36:02
follow Gabby on tik tok and Twitter semi Shah Do you ever need to plug

Sami Shah 36:06
my comedy albums are still on this Alisha? you can buy those if you were searching

Dan Ilic 36:14
zali steggall I was feeling I know what you're gonna plug

Zali Steggall 36:18
he could go the climate donate you both in support the climate act.

Dan Ilic 36:24
Excellent. And let us How about what are you plugging?

Lewis Hobba 36:27
a Nazi Russia I'm on holidays next week. On the show. I guess I'm just plugging yam but I'm going to Yeah, you're never been there. You're in Yeah, but say hello.

Dan Ilic 36:37
big thank you to ride bikes, the birth of foundation go nutro Our Patreon subscribers Kilian David David bluestein Maddy Palmer our discord community for a great chunk suggestions this week also want to thank Russell Crowe roupa de gas, and of course our post producer Jacob round of the tepanyaki timeline Until next week, there's always something to be scared of. Good night.

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