Brand new 50 year old Submarines — Zoë Coombs Marr, Concetta Caristo, Lidia Thorpe, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic — October 30th


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We check the receipts for Senate Estimates, get into branding with NIXVM cult, and celebrate Kim Kardashian’s Birthday in a totally normal way.

We also talk with Senator. Lidia Thorpe about the sacred grove of Djab Wurrung trees that are being felled to make way for a highway duplication.

To express your anger at the destruction of 800 years of Djab Wurrung culture, and therefore Australian culture, email your local Victorian State MP.
Here’s a few to get you started:

Dan Ilic
Lewis Hobba
Concetta Caristo
Zoë Coombs Marr
Senator. Lidia Thorpe

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Dan Ilic 0:05
Oh, hello Lewis.

Lewis Hobba 0:07
Hello Daniel. How are you?

Dan Ilic 0:08
I'm well and well have things in your neck of the woods.

Lewis Hobba 0:11
Correct and I don't know if you've heard 2020 my year. I'm okay, I'm having a no right time all things considered.

Dan Ilic 0:19
I know it's a it's a rough time for all sorts of people. But we'll get into that we've got a podcast to discuss those sorts of things. We want to thank our Patreon supporters who have jumped on board this week, including Chris Kohler and Tom crean again, if you want to support us on Patreon you can head over to forward slash rational fear and not just a way to support irrational fears buy two carbon offset the emissions of your car with a go neutral sticker. For every $90 sticker go neutral. We'll buy 3.5 tonnes of offsets which is about the yearly emissions of a car and five bucks that comes to us. I've got it I've got a little sticker on the back of my car people think oh, well that 2000 Carolla that's, that's covered. That's good.

Lewis Hobba 0:58
It's the only bloody thing about the show. That is neutral. All right, dad.

Dan Ilic 1:04
Yeah, fuck you, ABC. We're taking positions for left wing inner city lefties. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on gadigal land in your nation's sovereignty was never said. We need a treaty. Let's stop the shark.

VO 1:17
A Russian mafia contains naughty words like bricks cambro gum,

and section 40 of a rational fear recommended listening by immature audiences.

Dan Ilic 1:30
Tonight after 112 days Melbourne has eased lockdown restrictions However, some hipster cafes have remained closed to be ironic. And water is discovered on the moon but it turns out it can't be used for anything as it's already owned by Angus Taylor. And in just under a week, the season finale of the United States of America is on who will get fine that week. I'm excited. It's Halloween 2020 or as we call it in Australia book quake. This is arrested Oh fair.

Hello, welcome to rational faith. I'm your host former sexy nurse Dan Ilic. Let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. She's a comedian improviser and radio broadcasting from Sydney her 2019 festival showed loose one so much critical acclaim that it got picked up to be part of the 2020 bats festival at Gryphon theatre company which probably got cancelled, after organise realises that she was a little tireless, just because of COVID-19 is Kanchana Christo.

Concetta Caristo 2:37
Oh my god. Hey, it's me. The cancelled woman. Good to be here.

Dan Ilic 2:44
She's the multiple award winning lockdown special having jewel personality performing hyphenated hyphenating. It's a privilege to have the double barreled Triple Threat herself. Zoe combs Ma.

Zoë Coombs Marr 2:55
It's Zoe knowledge, actually.

Unknown Speaker 3:01
reputation. Really? You know,

Zoë Coombs Marr 3:07
I am waiting to be congratulated before it really happens all the time. I get confused. Like, I love you on the checkout.

Unknown Speaker 3:15
That's not me. That's

Lewis Hobba 3:19

Dan Ilic 3:25
And he is one half of wedding magic act pen and haba it's Louis haba. Wow. Oh, my

Lewis Hobba 3:31
God. I was thinking the other day. I want to go and get my like,

Unknown Speaker 3:37

Lewis Hobba 3:38
my Nike glasses. No. No, I want to go and get ordained so that I can marry people. All right, because I emcee a lot of weddings and a lot of friends weddings. I just happen to you guys, as people who talk in the market price for family you get asked to me every wedding. Plus I can sometimes DJ weddings. So if I can do the marrying? I'm a one man wedding band. Wow. Wow. I'm actually

Concetta Caristo 3:59
I'm trying to get my magic lessons so that

Lewis Hobba 4:02
I really feel about the magic of

Dan Ilic 4:05
coming up a little later on. We're gonna be talking to Senator Lydia Thor about the directions tree stuff that's going on in Victoria. It's very sad stuff. We'll be talking with her a little bit later on. But first, let's hear a message from our sponsor.

Vladimir Putin 4:22
Fellow I am American friend Vladimir Putin. These unprecedented times require some president. So me President of Russia is encouraging Americans to vote president of USA. I know how dangerous election season can be. I was only candidate in the Russian election who didn't have horrible accident. So it's important to pick someone who's a strong man standing for you. That is why I endorse Joe Biden. Not because he's strong, but because Donald Trump will default on long and I will finally get me universe Belgium at a very cheap price. Of course, if you were good American patriot you may do opposite of what I say I don't give a fuck. USA is fun to watch burn down. And Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

Dan Ilic 5:18
The first fear this week it's the most magical time in politics. It's senate estimates happy senate estimates everyone, I hope you're having a fantastic set of estimates. This year, this is where we thought you bless you.

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 5:32
with you. Also with you have your

Dan Ilic 5:34
part of Senate estimates is cut is like taking a whole bunch of receipts and throwing them at your friends. Yes, bless you, bless you. It's where we find out just how far public servants will go to protect the ministers from scrutiny. Last week, of course, we learned that you can get a Cartier watch by simply working at Australia Post and doing a good job. This week, we learned that our first submarine could be launched in around 37 years. Yes. The new subs are coming and they're gonna be coming about when the iPhone 49 will be released. Yes, it's very exciting. Incidentally, the iPhone 49 will have an inbuilt submarine. So you know, that'll be redundant. The subs gonna cost us $90 billion. The iPhone, iPhone 49 will only cost us a billion dollars. So you know, you do the math. fishmonger's doesn't bother you that these new submarines that we're building today won't be working in our waters until it's 37 years.

Concetta Caristo 6:31
No, actually, because I spoke to a psychic this week. And she said that in 2015 it's gonna be a really good time for me. So I think that it's like actually a good time for the submarines and for me, and so that's sort of why it's happening. So I'm really stoked about it. Yeah.

Lewis Hobba 6:45
And are you an Aquarius?

Concetta Caristo 6:48
Aquarius. I'm a Libra. So no, no,

Unknown Speaker 6:53
not a water sign today.

Concetta Caristo 6:55
Thank you so much. I lied. I'm

sorry. I'm being such a politician right now. Sorry,

Zoë Coombs Marr 7:03
Leo. I feel like I feel like 2015 is going to be a pretty good time for submarines, because we'll all be underwater then. Anyway, but it's sort of I'm like, that's 37 years. I'm 36 that's like if someone when I was born went like, and for the birth of your child, we shall give her a floppy disk. We're still working on it. And she'll get it just before like she'll get it just before she turns 40. And the technology may be obsolete but Oh, what a floppy disk.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
It's ridiculous. Like it's gonna

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 7:41
That's it? It's gonna be a worst submarine ever. Yes. But

Lewis Hobba 7:47
if it is Waterworld will apply it out Tommy perfectly. Like if you No, no, it would be like Australia is a desert. They don't ready. 36 years Suddenly, a giant like polar ice cap crashes. The flood comes your flood to a 36 year old submarine. It's a dream. We're all watching episodes of Seinfeld that they put on when they started. It's good news.

Dan Ilic 8:06
It would be it'd be it'd be great. And I think people should, you know, we should go through some sort of constriction or conscription or some lottery to get on those submarines for when the end of the world is happening. That'd be great. There's 12 submarines and you know, they could go underwater forever. It'd be great to be on them.

Zoë Coombs Marr 8:20
Honestly, what are they doing? Like nothing takes that long, like nothing takes because I say when you like make something it's like you can be it can be fast, cheap, or good. Like you can have two two of those. But not three, like this is slow and expensive and baby. Amazing. Like

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 8:41
the best thing ever.

Concetta Caristo 8:42
What are they doing? I know what's that thing in sex where it's like you. You like do it a little bit a little bit. Little bit. So the climax is huge. What's that cold? That's happening people. Ladies and gentlemen, we are edging with some submarines. Yes, every love is gonna blow so hard when they release.

Lewis Hobba 9:01
A bunch of segments just sitting there going.

Dan Ilic 9:10
I believe in the Navy. It's called overreaching? Yeah, you're breaching? Yeah. Not as cool. As cool. Not as cool.

Lewis Hobba 9:17
Because they're building them in South Australia on that. Yeah.

Zoë Coombs Marr 9:21
Thank you so long.

Lewis Hobba 9:25
My theory is they just using it to store a bunch of South Australian wine in 36 years. I'll just open the hatch and be like, aged and delicious.

Dan Ilic 9:36
Surprise. Well, you know when this when the budget was first floated, it was around $50 billion. And then earlier this year blew up to 80 billion then some sometime between the beginning of this year and senate estimates it's blind out another 10 billion to $90 billion. I I can't help but think that we are all in the wrong guy.

Unknown Speaker 10:00

Dan Ilic 10:01
That's a lot of dollars. Yeah.

Concetta Caristo 10:03
It just made me think about you know, when like, a kid's done something wrong and then your parents like confront you. And you tell them little bit by little bit and the details just get more and more. It's like the problems getting worse. It just was like that. It's like now 50 all sorry, actually, I meant seven. No, it's actually at 100 million $2 billion. So sorry.

Dan Ilic 10:21
It does sound a lot better if you are trying to threaten another country because $50 billion submarines doesn't cut it. But like if you tell China well, China, we've got some hundred billion dollar submarines. Stay away from now your radio.

Zoë Coombs Marr 10:33
They only have 37 years to catch up.

Lewis Hobba 10:41
Sorry, a couple of years ago about that Danish guy who murdered a person on his homemade submarine? No,

Concetta Caristo 10:48
no. And why not?

Lewis Hobba 10:51
It was maybe like 2017 or 2018. He was I think he was Danish. He was an inventor and he murdered a journalist cut up the body and spread it across the ocean came back in and it was like, Oh, she tripped and fell. And okay. Anyway, he's in prison. He tried. He met he escaped from prison. This week, he got out. And then they caught him and brought him back. All I'm saying is don't put him back. Bring him to Australia getting building submarines. You'll have them whipped up in a week.

Zoë Coombs Marr 11:20
And she tripped and fell. You feel like for an inventor he'd be able to come up with a better excuse.

Unknown Speaker 11:27
Minister, can you tell me when we will finally have all 12 boats operation? mid to late 2040s in the 2040s

Unknown Speaker 11:35
nice in the 2050s as I say no? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
Okay, I'm sad. I'm telling you that. I'd say 20 5020 5072 the answers 2057 it says quote the seal is time

Unknown Speaker 11:46
this December 2054 Cenotaph 2054 This is our rational fear.

Dan Ilic 11:52
This week. Second fear the six called World is mourning the loss of one of their leaders. This week, Catherine Nanda laid out the so called six called Nexium has been sentenced to 120 years in prison. Zoey, when you first told me about this story, I was shocked. I couldn't believe that anyone would join a sex cult started by a guy called case. What is what is? What is going on here?

Zoë Coombs Marr 12:13
Well, it's incredible. So I was I was shocked that you hadn't heard of it, because I'm obsessed with it. This guy. So basically, if you don't if you're not familiar with it, basically Nexium is in a nutshell, it's like counterfeit Scientology mixed with Amway and like a teddy Mellencamp diet with SIG Slifer in it, and it's like, run by this guy who ran a bunch of pyramid schemes in the 90s. And then he started this, it's so complicated, but he started this self help thing that then it turned out that women were in this master slave pyramid scheme. And then we're actually getting branded, like literally, like, branded with cauterising arms on their bodies with his initials. And it's just, it's, it's, it's nuts. It's like, but it's also the daggy is cult you've ever heard of. Sorry, daggy it's like it's run by this improv guy. No, it's I mean, he just seems like yeah, another one of the guys doing improv for way too long. Let

Dan Ilic 13:22
me bring my initials. Yes. Let's

Zoë Coombs Marr 13:27
see if the guy would like just as he's about to like bring out his acoustic guitar at a party and then goes like, you know, I won the Judo national championship.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
Is everyone going?

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 13:40
Yeah, right mate, they will let

you bring your

Zoë Coombs Marr 13:46
name on to me. It's a while so

Dan Ilic 13:48
it is totally right. The name of the whole club is so weird Nexium it's spelt ni x VM, like some sort of Greek thing. It doesn't even sound like a call. It sounds like a piece of software, you're forced to log into it or call centre, like at a job you really hate.

Unknown Speaker 14:03

Zoë Coombs Marr 14:05
And they have all these really terrible, terrible names. It's like, he used to run a pyramid scheme called consumer buy lines, byline, and then thing that was like vitamins that was like, National Health Organisation. And then their main scene was like, yeah, it's in ASP. It was like executive success programmes. It sounds

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 14:26
like that we've written Yeah, but how boring How

Dan Ilic 14:30
do people who are attracted to these boring things end up being sex lives? Is this just a is just an extension of what corporate culture? Is? We all people who work in corporations, are you? Are we all part of a cult?

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 14:43
I think it's like, what

Zoë Coombs Marr 14:43
I find fascinating about it is it's like one step. And then the next step and you just work out where people's line is. It's like the next logical step. And I think once people become immersed in a world then they just kind of go with it. It's like, like, for instance, I think about myself, right? Like I'm a lesbian. I'm very well immersed in That world but two days ago, my ex girlfriend messaged me and said, Hey, I, she's in the same queer parenting group as my other ex girlfriend. And I thought that's too gay, even

some people that might be like, a creepy guy. I want to listen to you going like, Oh yeah, authenticity is being yourself and I've found the meaning for the world and join my call. All the people it's getting these name branded on them, but they're all different.

Dan Ilic 15:42
It's a big step. It's a big step from like having a meeting about your KPIs to coming in and getting your boss's initials branded on us very big. And where do you do? What's that? Hi, Cha meeting like like, Hey, hey, case study branded me. He's all yeah, that's part of the deal here. That's what you're gonna

Lewis Hobba 15:58
know. It's coming for sexual harassment training. We will need to train you well to sexually harass each

Unknown Speaker 16:02
other. Yeah,

Lewis Hobba 16:04
I found out about it. Because of the Smallville actress Allison Mack. Yes. Yes. Like mega famous.

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 16:11
Yeah, I was

Concetta Caristo 16:12
so angry. I was so angry. I was like, okay, so being a famous actor isn't enough. You have that frickin board that you have to like, have this crazy secret stupid call with all this bullcrap. It made me so fierce. I was like, What the hell is up with rich people, it takes so much time what they're doing. I'm like, how did they get literally anything else done. I have one thing in my calendar this tonight I this all day, I was busy stressed just for this. I usually mean if I had to, like run a secret sex Hall and get your name on my ass. I mean, I just pass out. So I just was really

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 16:44
freaking out about that's part

Zoë Coombs Marr 16:46
of it. Like that's, I feel like I've really butchered the telling of this. Because it's so complex, there's so many layers of it. It's like they get them in and they're like, we're doing like a self help thing, we're gonna be better people. And then they like have all these different schemes. And then they the one of the things that they did in order to be kept. So they had a master slave pyramid, basically, and you only knew who your monster was, you didn't know who any of the other slaves are on your level, just them so they would miss it, you would have to message them if you wanted to eat. So you have to

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 17:14
message them, like

Zoë Coombs Marr 17:15
my ad calories master. And they would write back like yes, slave. And there was like literally like a game kind of thing that they did. And it's all these kind of things. But in order to get into that group, they had to give collateral what they call collateral, right? Which is like, literally just blackmail, though, just like give us something bad about yourself, like a nude picture or like a fact about your husband that if it came out, it'd be really bad. And so it's just like blackmail. Anyway, he's gonna go to jail for 120 years.

Lewis Hobba 17:50
That's actually the craziest part that there's like a head of a sort of borderline religious organisation that's actually getting prosecuted possessed.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
I know. I know.

Lewis Hobba 18:02
I let him go.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
This is a rational view.

Dan Ilic 18:10
This makes that fair, Kim Kardashian turned 40. This is huge news for people on Instagram and young people, which is why we've got a token young person with us, Christo. Hello, can you fill us in? I assume I assume because America is in the grip of COVID-19 that Kim Kardashian West just had like a quiet night with the kids and candy and adopted sneakers.

Concetta Caristo 18:29
Um, she absolutely did but on an absolutely private island with 40 of her best and closest COVID friends you know, this was so so I get to like I saw this blob on Twitter and here's the thing I'm like kim k the idea of her Stan I'm like okay, go up queen. I love the fat but like yes goals, but this I was like Kimmy you have let us down. Number one for being tone deaf. But number two, the dress that she's wearing in these pictures I have to say is fugly as hell. I was really disappointed in her. I was like, that looks like something you wear. I wore my year eight formal and it was bad. And I regret it. So that sort of is why I'm bringing this to the show you

Dan Ilic 19:10
said about her and you said about her making all of her friends go into quarantine and Flinders will private island and putting people at risk of that island who work too for COVID-19. And then the gross use of huge amounts of wealth. Why 230,000 Americans dying? You wouldn't upset about that you're upset about

Concetta Caristo 19:29
No no, it's the dress. That's why I need people to understand that the dress was ugly. You need to go on Twitter to see the steps you will know I was It's so stupid. And what's the best part about it? People if you don't know is that it's like a big meme now on Twitter and people have been posting like the quote of what she said of being like, I know that this like is really not possible for a lot of people in the world. And that's why I'm so grateful. And it was like yeah, Queen it's impossible for 95% of the whole world. But thank you so much. much for sharing it with us. And I just love memes and I love to see those two things come together. Kim k means it's just going absolutely off.

Lewis Hobba 20:07
But people like forget that, if you needed like a warning sign about where this was going her birthday last year was Kenny G. Trapped in the house surrounded by roses and candles, playing his saxophone while she walked around the house.

Zoë Coombs Marr 20:28
He was forced to do that he was a member

Concetta Caristo 20:30
of celebrities when they pretend to be like us. We hate them when they just being themselves. We had them all the time. screw him. I just thought it was funny. That hashtag was this is 40. Like, she's like, this is okay. This is what 4040 he did. We don't know this is 40 is not for everyone.

Zoë Coombs Marr 20:54
This is 40 I just got my floppy disk.

Dan Ilic 20:59
Well, there's been calls for a federal ipecac. But I don't know if you know this. The federal government isn't into creating any kind of federal anti corruption commission, but they are doing something at least

VO 21:10
the Morison government has heard your calls for more accountability, scrutiny and transparency. That's why we're adding to the system of checks and balances to make sure Australia stays on the right path Introducing eyecare care. The Independent Commission Against Kerry and Kennelly

Unknown Speaker 21:26
point again, doesn't mean

VO 21:28
I'm right. My cat cat will be just as effective as a national integrity commission but cheaper and more fun to watch during peak morning viewing. Every time our corruption goes public will give karianna high profile job then have a cancelled from that job with iconic x Spin Spin Spin nothing will distract the public more from sport roads. Angus Taylor's water deals and the wholesale takeover of the government by the fossil fuel lobby like an all considered misogynistic racially charged climate denying rent from a fighting star of the Golden Age of television. I was a television equivalent of a cockroach. I kecak. The Independent Commission Against Kerri Anne Kennerley guaranteeing at least one employed person has a job to nominate a job for CAC download the ICA CAC app today.

Unknown Speaker 22:11
National Fair Murdoch uses news media nowadays basically just as a political propaganda you know it protects its friends and pushes the giant Barrow your fear is rational.

Dan Ilic 22:24
It's been a bit of a strange wait for Victoria as lockdown restrictions were lifted for Melbourne much of the state was celebrating but for Jaguar and people and their supporters it's been a week of anguish and mourning is a sacred 300 year old ancestral tray was kept down for a highway. Joining us now is senator Lydia Thor but jarbo woman herself, whose mum Marjorie Thorpe is fighting state governments roadworks on country in the Victorian Supreme Court. Senator thank you for joining us. It's been a bit of a sad week for you has it been?

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 22:53
Ah yeah, so has quite a big day today. In our country today I've been at the site it's quite incredible to know last time I was there sending me those trays out in the open around a fire and enjoying everyone's Company and today I go there and it's surrounded by wire fencing and and lots of big, very big men in very big hive is bit strutting their stuff. So yeah, it was a completely different saying that I will seem to today.

Dan Ilic 23:28
Yeah, hive is is like the Redcoats of 2020.

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 23:34
Well, yeah.

They were certainly there and using their powers and the high boots was was going off today. Because, yeah, they weren't letting anyone Nia as sacred trees out beautiful birthing train, which is 800 years old. And our grandfather tree, which is just as old, we weren't able to access that today. It's been completely fenced off. And that was really sad. How did

Dan Ilic 24:05
your mom go today with the, with the ruling with the supreme court?

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 24:12
Well, she did an incredible job. And we're now got a injunction which lasts until the 19th of November at 4:30pm. So it gives us a little bit of a reprieve and a chance to you know, strategize and plan our next move and continue to keep the pressure on and hopefully, if we say more lifting of the COVID restrictions, then we can get more people out there on the ground. I haven't spoken to mom I've tried to call her but she's too busy to talk to me.

Dan Ilic 24:55
That's super interesting. What kind of strategy Do you think you can put in place between now and the non tank To change the course of the state government,

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 25:03
well, we've just got to mobilise people as best way we can in, you know, under the COVID restrictions. And that's always a challenge. But that would be the, you know, I think we've mobilised a lot of people in this last week. That way, also need, you know, the strategies that we can use in Parliament for state and federal parliament. And there's also other legal avenues that we can take through the courts. So we're just going through all of that at the moment. And we'll come out fighting even stronger and harder, with many, many more people behind us, when you and your green greens colleagues took a motion to the floor and in the Victorian Parliament to kind of raise questions about the destruction of the tray. You mentioned in your case last week that you would get that right, you actually did in, in Parliament. So, so bringing this up? Well, apparently, so I'm not in the Victorian Parliament. I'm now in the federal parliament as a senator. So that was actually taken to the Victorian Parliament. And yes, say they were and I watched that, that we've, Sam hiddens, asking questions of the premier yesterday, I think. And yeah, you know, we're treated like a joke. It's just not we're not taken seriously, even the non Aboriginal people asking the questions in the parliament, taken seriously. So I don't know whether the government and the opposition think that this is a joke. They obviously haven't been to the area or understand or even given the time to learn about the stories and the connection, I'm sure that they have families and their children would really appreciate that, and give them a true identity to the nation that has the oldest continuing living culture. Right here.

Dan Ilic 26:56
When do you think our leaders will wake up to the fact that Aboriginal history is the history of this country? And then there will be at least some kind of motive some of respect for it?

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 27:08
Oh, well, we've been waiting a long time. So far. We're very patient, people we are. And we're very forgiving, and conciliatory people, I think. And, you know, I think people are becoming more aware, and more open to learning, I really don't know, I think that they probably need to check out their privilege check out, you know, how they can decolonize just a little, just to open up this country to what it truly ease. And that is a caring country with beautiful landscapes and beautiful people and connections and stories, not something that you just read in a book or watch on a television programme, it's actually something that is still very live, and well today. And hopefully, they get to say that and look, in the short time that I've been a politician. I've had those yards with other politicians on both sides of the fence. And they've come around, and they've been far more respectful and far more open to listening and learning from us. So, you know, I have hope that we can do that and change the nation. That's what I'd like to say, anyway, I can share,

Unknown Speaker 28:23
do you feel like

Dan Ilic 28:26
a tokenizing? It was a young person. Do you feel like that the place to live that young people are much more attuned to Aboriginal culture as Australian culture than even people? 10 years older than you?

Concetta Caristo 28:40
I think yes. Like, I think, you know, it's something that when I think about young people, it's like, we're more aware, we're more accepting, we're more like, keen to understand and like things change. So quickly, do you want any more as I feel like, you tend to feel with older generations, they can feel, they don't want to listen, they're stuck in their ways, and that kind of thing. Like, it's young people that can and want to mobilise that, like, in people younger than me that like inspire me and a learning and understanding why it's so important and like not something that you can just, you know, take as a joke, like the government is or not take it seriously or forget about it or anything like that. Senator, do

Lewis Hobba 29:21
you want to ask question, this might be a bit practical, but as someone who didn't wasn't in Victorian wasn't aware that this destruction was going to happen until until it happened. It seems crazy to me that it's a road like this can turn you know that you can you can turn around this is not an immovable project. What's the logic that they have here for not doing this?

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 29:42
Wow, that's a good question. There. There were many alternatives put to the government which they did not want to entertain one of their own growth employees. In fact, I agreed with one of the alternative routes and I'm not sure whether that person still has a job or not. So You know that there were alternatives. And it's not the chapter on people want to stop anyone fixing the road to make it safer for people. It's not like jump around, people don't want the the highway to be widened. But we just wanted to sit down and negotiate a way where we could protect significant cultural heritage and have a road and keep people safe. But that was never afforded to jump around people. And they can say that they've consulted through their processes and all of that. But that simply has just not happened.

Dan Ilic 30:36
Senator, have you pitched at all a series of $90 billion submarines to ferry cars?

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 30:47
Well, you know, the Minister, Susan lies of the federal government, in fact, at particular satellite in the same way that she declined protecting Jefferson country. So that's where people are at in terms of our politicians. And that's what we have to try. Try quartermaine who's an Aboriginal comedian, he said on Facebook this week, he said Australians won't realise what they've lost until they see the avatar sequels. And I thought that was

Dan Ilic 31:20
that was really sad, but a really great jog

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 31:23
and look on the avatar film and and I thought,

Unknown Speaker 31:31
it looks like it was

Dan Ilic 31:33
so special. Yeah, it was crazy. So we'd like it. What Lewis said before was so interesting. Like, as someone who lives in so called Sydney, I had no idea this was happening until you know, it was far too late. And it's so it's sad that this moment has had to happen for us to be awakened to this cultural moment right now, and perhaps a lot more of Australia know what's happening on jabber on country. And we can we can pitch in to help some somehow,

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 31:58
yeah, look, it's a bit like George Floyd, hey, Black Lives Matter and took a black man in another country, to be killed by police, for this country to wake up and realise that we have a problem here. So I just think that you know, to mature as a nation, we really need to start telling the truth, and learn our history, so that we can move forward together. Senator, thank you so much for joining us on irrational fear tonight. My absolute pleasure, thank you very much.

Dan Ilic 32:30
Well, that is all we have time for a rational for rational view tonight. big thank you to send a linear thought and a big everlasting thanks to a fee among us tonight. Zoe foster Blake.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
Like extra knowledge,

Dan Ilic 32:48
terms, ma Do you guys have anything to plug sorry, do you want if you want to plug anything? I'm doing a

Zoë Coombs Marr 32:56
couple of shows in real life in Sydney as part of the two queres festival a giant dwarf coming up so that's, I think, like the 14th and maybe 12 to the 14th of November.

Dan Ilic 33:08
And if you have stand be shuttle hook at Zoe's stand lockdown special No, I mean that the stand up specials on prime a good toe but this the lockdown special is particularly particularly off the wall and just a genius bit of content that I've ever seen in my entire life. So check to check that out from consider Do

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you want to plug anything? I have no shows like sorry, but I'll lean into being a young person and plug sort of my socials if you want to follow me on Instagram. It's concetto worldwide, and Twitter congenic Christo and sort of watch me go off there live every day.

Dan Ilic 33:51
And Lewis you wanna plug anything?

Lewis Hobba 33:52
No, dad save all still doing radio. If you don't need to listen.

To the show today you would have heard

Senator. Lidia Thorpe 34:09
that was me.

Dan Ilic 34:14
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