"We Got Free Postage" Aus Post CEO — Teanau Tuiono, Nina Oyama, Greta Lee-Jackson, Dan Ilic, Lewis Hobba — Oct 23rd


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Talking Aus Post CEO's $12000 Cartier Watches, Chris Pratt, and the New Zealand Election with freshly elected Greens MP Teanau Tuiono

Nina Oyama
Greta Lee-Jackson
Lewis Hobba
Dan Ilic
+ Teanau Tuiono
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Jay Lewis. Hello, Daniel, how

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To go neutral. Click on the links in the show notes. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on gadigal land in the your nation, sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's stop the shark.

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Dan Ilic 1:30
Tonight, a New Yorker writer was suspended of allegations of masturbating on a zoom call but according to insiders, he was just after a race. And ABC journalist Laura tingle is supposed to apologise after labelling Scott Morrison smug on Twitter, because ABC editorial style insists that when labelling the Prime Minister smug it must be followed by and with the launch of the new Sacha Baron Cohen movie today, Health Authority is a warning that ball rat voice will begin to spread When asked if bore at voice had infected anyone yet a senior health official answered my wife. It's Friday the 23rd of October and everything is very dies. This is irrational fear.

Looking irrational fear. I'm your host former Vatican City Cardinal Denny let's let's meet our fear mongers for tonight. She's a writer, performer, comedian, director. You may know her from her appearances on utopia to nightly and the chaser podcast. Or you may have just seen her jokes about common social media. It's Nina ayama. Hello, welcome Nina. How's it going? Oh, it's great. It's really great to have you. I didn't

Nina Oyama 2:45
know who was gonna be like I was like waiting for the credits or else it was good. Like

Unknown Speaker 2:52
Who is it? Who is it?

Dan Ilic 2:55
It's pretty much the same. She's one of Australia's funniest people though. She was born in New Zealand, but thankfully she's chosen one of our people to breed with. From tonight lay and drunk history. It's comedian satirist and filmmaker. grittily Jackson,

Greta Lee-Jackson 3:07
Daniel Lewis tonight Naina

Unknown Speaker 3:10
it's great to have you.

Lewis Hobba 3:12
And it's a we feel I feel particularly Brady Bunch today. I think normally with like our old zoom system when we could afford it. It was like much more in line. And now we're all in a little box together and I feel like we just need Alice

Nina Oyama 3:29
you've never you've never graduated to grid mode Lewis there was no way you can you can have a Brady Bunch look on zoom to

Unknown Speaker 3:39
I don't want to know about options. You know what I mean? I

Nina Oyama 3:42
really I'm the opposite. I'm out here changing my background, you know, causing causing a ruckus changing my screen name to stupid slot and then going into a work meeting.

Lewis Hobba 3:54
Yeah, you should work at the New Yorker.

Nina Oyama 3:57
than that, no, I would have to take my screen. I'm just stupid, ya know,

Lewis Hobba 4:08
tilting the camera down and putting your head down. It is a real Giuliani situation. You're gonna have to you're gonna have to,

Unknown Speaker 4:16
sorry, sorry, I thought I was on mute.

Dan Ilic 4:22
Coming up, we have to face in fees, but also a little later on. We're gonna be talking to Tiana Tiana. He's a greens MP who just want to sit in the New Zealand election at Palmerston North. It's going to be exciting. We're gonna be asking him why New Zealand labour insists on spelling their name correctly, and how we can all move to New Zealand. But first of all, I don't know if you've seen this. Alan Jones is back in the news. Not only did he go on Sky this weekend has it covered. 19 was an epidemic but he's actually suing our friends at the feed. Have you guys seen this? for defamation? Yeah. Do you guys want to sign anything or just leave it up to me

Unknown Speaker 5:00
On this well,

Dan Ilic 5:01
Alan Jones had something to say about this a little earlier on this week.

Good morning, everyone. Yes, it is true. I'm suing SPS for defamation. What he you asked SPS. You can be defamed if there's any three people watching TV and they can't speak English. I totally agree with you. They're hypothetical Lister. But their little skit went on the internet with a potential audience of 7 billion in the videos so called comedian Alex Lee portrayed me as a misogynist, racist and a liar. Now Miss Lee who happens to be an Asian woman Mind you, is totally wrong. Let me tell you something, just because I go around saying misogynistic things doesn't make me a misogynist. Whatever sojourners insist that a woman Prime Minister be put in a chat bag and be thrown out to say yes, but also can someone who isn't a misogynist suggest that too unlikely, but it's a possibility. And just because I incited the largest ever race riot in Australian history, it doesn't make me a racist. If anything, I'm pro race, more races the barrier. I have a long history of loving races, particularly the Everest, the richest horse race in Australia. And let me tell you, just because I constantly lie about climate change doesn't make me a liar. I'm telling you my truth and my truth is the opposite of whatever the facts are. If the scientists say it's climate change, they're wrong. If the medical experts say it's a pandemic, they're wrong. If the views ecologists say that Anthony Claire is overrated, they are so wrong. What a voice. So let this be a warning to any tree hugging comedians out there. If I'm a racist, misogynist liar, then my name isn't Alan Jones. I'm Alan Jones.

Dan Ilic 6:46
There we go. Alan Jones, thank you very much.

Nina Oyama 6:48
You haven't been sued for your impersonation of Alan Jones. Maybe your entire career did and and he just hasn't given a fuck I've been trying. That's the

Dan Ilic 6:59
only way I can get listeners to this podcast is to be sued and no one's done it. It's terrible. It's terrible. Well, let's get on with the fears first fear tonight. Yesterday, it said it estimates the CEO of Australia Post admitted that she gave for senior staff watches valued at $3,000 each, because they worked very hard. The CFO couldn't confirm if the gifts were purchased on the company credit card but he could confirm they didn't pay for postage. Executives need to watch till the time for many executives of Australia Post The time is to shred documents. That's what says on their watch. While you're in if you ever are in an Australia Post, so you actually don't need a watch because it's always 1998 that's that's how you know. I don't know if you've been to a post office lately. You could be forgiven. They just kind of had them lying around. I don't know it's not inconceivable that these watches could have been found among the Andre rieu action figures and Kerri Anne Kennerley foot massages. Also you have to feel for Australia Post to the appropriate Thank you gifts of this calibre hard to find after all, Amazon was sold out of parcels of land rezoned for the Western Sydney Airport this week. So it's a bit disappointing. Sophie mangas is getting a $3,000 watch as a thank you gift acceptable if you work for organisation that's owned by the government, Louis harbour,

Lewis Hobba 8:15
I'd like to jump in on that one. Absolutely not more should do it. I cannot stress it off that even more government organisations should be giving their employees $3,000 watches I I don't necessarily want to say who but I if anyone wants to do it the IBC is there and I

Nina Oyama 8:37
just have something to do with you currently working for a government organisation

Lewis Hobba 8:41
all upside is there's nothing on this wrist you know it's going a little hungry. Lonely needs a car ta that's Yeah, I guess millionaires

Nina Oyama 8:53
watching right now.

Unknown Speaker 8:58
Why don't you just use the phone.

Dan Ilic 9:00
I'm with you Grand Ole Jackson die. It was really great on Twitter today. One of the people who run social media for Australia Post had a bit of a sense of humour and he was dealing with a dealing with some sort of complaint said I'm very light rested today. That is really nice.

Lewis Hobba 9:15
They should have just yeah usually in like tech startups they give you stocks and bonds or whatever like they give you shares in the company. They should have given him $3,000 worth of stamps.

Nina Oyama 9:26
That's right and like a lot rested as well to go back to an earlier story.

Dan Ilic 9:32
And not just any stamps I should give you like first proof stamps that go up in value then they can get they can absolutely do that. They can absolutely some

Lewis Hobba 9:39
of those weird coins that they always have tucked up the back you know like Kieran Perkins is first steps this

Dan Ilic 9:48
in question to him today Scott Morrison said the CEO of Australia should stand aside which he has But why? Which is like the he got so outraged. It was so strange to see him get outraged about 12,000 dollars but he didn't get outraged at all about sports rots.

Lewis Hobba 10:04
That's why he asked her to leave. It's like, if you get a roll, roll it big go

Dan Ilic 10:08
big go go, hon. Yeah, if you're gonna roll it, you know, have a gasoline recovery, a stamp led recovery would be fine.

Lewis Hobba 10:16
If you just invest if you just give like a couple of million dollars to a coalition state to build a women's change room for a sports team that does not have a women's team. Okay? watches that Time's up.

Unknown Speaker 10:29
Turn on cnn.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
COVID COVID COVID COVID COVID you know why they're trying to?

People aren't buying at CNN, you

Unknown Speaker 10:40
know, fear is rational.

Dan Ilic 10:42
Last weekend on Twitter, the internet decided that out of the full shirtless rich white men named Chris in Hollywood. Chris Pratt was the worst coming in behind Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth. All the celebs you can imagine came out to defend Chris Pratt against the joke name it forced the Avengers to once again combined on Twitter to defend his honour. In the next round, though, prep will have to go up against Chris Lilley, Christopher Pyne, Chris Brown and Dr. Chris Brown. Now Nina is dumping on Chris Pratt worth it?

Nina Oyama 11:12
Yes, yes. I think he's reaction was dumb as hell also Can I just say Dr. Chris Brown would totally be the best Chris in that second line up that you said. Um, I think my thing is like, it was the worst crease out of four Chris's you just the fourth best, Chris. Why is everyone so angry? It's quite a good thing to be the fourth best because and you're already is like a show. It's not even the most hated Chris. Like there's a show called Everybody Hates Chris. And it's about Chris Rock. Yeah. And the fact of about so angry about Chris that I don't understand. I think it's just fragile egos to be honest.

Lewis Hobba 11:52
Can you imagine though like being being one of those Chris's spending your life going? I just want to be an actor to be a famous actor. I want to be a Hollywood star. And then you finally do. And you're one of the most famous people in the world, but you're still not even the most famous Chris. Like it must be so annoying that they all came up at the same time. Like Chris Pratt is a fucking global mega star. He is like he's a Jurassic Park superstar. And he's not they're not voting.

Nina Oyama 12:23
But they're not voting on fame dead death voting on like best as in like best personality. I think that could be good reason is because Chris Pratt is a known Republican. And that's why everyone's dunking on him because he's a slightly undecided political views.

Dan Ilic 12:39
Yeah, there's it's very, it's very polemic over there. They're all like dirt dunking on him because he's at Hillsong. And his, you know, talk about how sales on LGBT friendly.

Nina Oyama 12:49
They have conversion camps.

Dan Ilic 12:51
And he's dunking on Chris Pratt, because he didn't go to a Biden fundraiser where all the other single Avengers went to this Biden fundraiser. So it's real. It but he doesn't actually he's not very overtly pro Republican. He's just kind of just drives a truck and shoots animals.

Nina Oyama 13:09
Oh, I mean, yeah, I was gonna say I've been to his Instagram for research, definitely not sexual purposes. But I was truly shocked at the amount of guns and stuff like that. I was like, oh, oh, it doesn't fit with his character from Parks and Rec. And that's when everyone knows him from and he's this adorable puppy dog type character. That's what people have said to probably they're like, How can that be the same person is that they can't separate the actor from the character. I think it's because he got skinny is because he used to be a fat Democrat. Any Republican, that's what happens

when you become a right winger,

Lewis Hobba 13:47
he was zero, Doc 30. Right. So I feel like people should just try to watch that over and over again and be like, hey, kills staple. Oh, hey, killed Osama Bin Ladin, so he should be a national hero as well. Yeah.

Dan Ilic 13:59
Very, very difficult. Very, very difficult. But no one hikes like you can't people must be able to separate the character from the person because nobody ever don't dunk on Ben Mendelsohn. I mean, he plays every single evil person ever bad.

Unknown Speaker 14:14
Yeah, he does. He does a good body Commando. What are his political views?

Greta Lee-Jackson 14:22
Do I have to fight?

Lewis Hobba 14:25
I also how good is like Chris Hemsworth at the moment, he basically just travelled without a passport. Like I feel like every time I open the news, like Chris Chris Hemsworth is in Tasmania like was no one's allowed in Tasmania? I just feel like Chris Hemsworth is can just show up anyway. Definitely in Australia if not the world and no one would ask the question of him just like please go striker.

Nina Oyama 14:48
Oh, up a bang out about like, all the time is hot privilege. He's got hot privilege. Yeah. And that picture of him with a baby. In fact, I don't think that he has a possible I just think he has a he Baby and he just brings it and you just say a man that hot with a kid that cute and you just your ovaries melt your testicles melt it doesn't matter what what sexuality you identify as it's just you let him on the plane

Dan Ilic 15:13
Louis ever since you had your your your your jaw fixed. Have you ever noticed that you have hot privilege because you would have a definite before and after?

Lewis Hobba 15:22
Yes, Dan. Doors open for me as you can tell.

Nina Oyama 15:27
Have you had your joy fix Louis?

Lewis Hobba 15:29
Yeah, I had a well, I this was like

Dan Ilic 15:33
last year he looked like Christopher Pratt, but, like in 2001. But now he looks like Chris Hemsworth is pretty

Lewis Hobba 15:41
cool. Yeah, yeah.

No, I have exactly

Nina Oyama 15:45
the same for what it's worth just.

Lewis Hobba 15:52
Yeah, see Dan, as you can tell the hot privilege.

David Barnden 15:56
I'm still getting dunked on by NATO.

Unknown Speaker 15:59
Rational fear. I was always getting in trouble for getting naked. They're like you can't just pull your dick out. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 16:05
this is

Unknown Speaker 16:05
a rational view.

Dan Ilic 16:07
It's time for a feature interview. I interview a guest tonight on irrational fear has a brand new job after years of campaigning and working at NGOs all over the world supporting indigenous peoples as of this week, Tiana to you know, is now an elected representative for the greens party in New Zealand representing Palmerston North. He's also a father of four. It's a real privilege to have him on the show because he stayed up like to be on killer app. Tiana.

Unknown Speaker 16:34

Teanau Tuniono 16:39
Thanks for having me. I'm sick. I'm day four on the job he literally did on Saturday night. Yeah.

Nina Oyama 16:45
How are you gonna say I'm on day four of a bender.

Teanau Tuniono 16:52
Day for parliamentary Binda. Yeah. I've just landed from from a big long campaign that was that was going on. We did part of it for lockdown. And then it got extended for another four weeks. So it was like a bit of a long haul. But um, yeah, we've got 10 green MPs. And we're hoping to get a 20 get my buddy Steve Abel and from Greenpeace. So special boats go away, we'll hit the limit. Hey, can you give us a little bit of a rundown about how the differences between NZ and OC politics in in like a sentence or a paragraph in politics from here and it looks like one of the great mysteries of the university. I mean, we've got a MMP system here. And so it's so you have people that run for electorates. And then you have there's a proportion set aside for all party for Pat for a party list. So all the green employees we came in on pilotless so we got 7.5% simple, it's something rather pricy another boat, and mate got us 10 and it goes to the MPs. Because you guys got state. I mean, you got federal and stuff like they've already got one house. Yeah. Yeah, right.

Nina Oyama 18:08
Now, my theory on the difference between us and Australian politics is that I'm not us. So New Zealand, in Australian politics, is that people in New Zealand are just generally nicer and better people. And they elect good people because of that. That sounds legit to me.

Lewis Hobba 18:23
I wish I could just be re watching it watching like the latest debate was. I mean, I know that you weren't involved. But it was such a stark contrast to the rest of the world. It was it was just a bunch of people agreeing with each other like this is less contentious than a year nine debate in Australia. This is outrageous.

Teanau Tuniono 18:43
People in New Zealand could have been better

actually had the privilege of being we had our first Modi said Modi Modi is the indigenous language about it on his own. So I had the privilege of being in our first the first ever televised multi language election debate. So it's all I'm all in Mali. And that was good because it had like, a had a real different kind of feel to it. Because it was because we had to let them be observed, you know, protocol and stuff like that. So we were, we were I would say pull but but I'm very indigenous with each other. So it was it was a New Zealand First and I was like I was really stoked to be part of that.

Dan Ilic 19:24
And that's really awesome that didn't one of our listeners asked the question they asked why doesn't New Zealand embrace the democracy sausage? Are you aware of this cultural phenomenon around around Australians election

Teanau Tuniono 19:37
workers exhausted so we don't bother with the Trump's.

Dan Ilic 19:41
When we when we go and vote, we end up getting a sausage sizzle at the community hall or whatever right after and that's a symbolism of about democracy. But apparently that doesn't happen in NZ. Do you know what?

Teanau Tuniono 19:56
I could do my career

No, that's not a thing for us. Okay,

Lewis Hobba 20:05
now tell us are there any snacks at all?

Teanau Tuniono 20:10
When I bought it, it was very snake free?

Dan Ilic 20:14
would have been good. Let's talk about the biggest question here the labour majority, it's been a big, incredible win for labour, how do you think, as a greens member, you'll be able to keep them accountable.

Teanau Tuniono 20:27
The vast majority of the seats in an MP MP system they are they're the first party to actually achieve a majority of seats. So it's your territory for us and, and within this political system as well. So all the cards are all on the table for them, you know, they've got all the cards. But you know, we've got our we've got our policy priorities around, you know, like, taking ambitious climate action, and showing that we do the best for people who are underneath the under the poverty line. And making sure that as we move through the COVID crisis that you know, there's the climate crisis and the crisis of biodiversity and across all of that the crisis of inequality so we've got our things that we need to keep pushing on as well. My guess is we can work together that that would be raised that we would but yeah, New Zealand I

Dan Ilic 21:20
got to do. nz labour seems to be kind of on the front foot no global leaders if you like when it comes to climate change and climate action. In Australia, we're barely managing to do that to do anything that resembles anything looks like climate action, instead is one of the few countries that is kind of committed to net zero by 2050. Australia is doing net zero perhaps maybe by 2300 it's looking like how do you think New Zealand can apply pressure to its neighbours like Australia to take

Teanau Tuniono 21:50
just is it but um, but you know, we look as we can with labour in the last time we did measure we measure quite a few things I've highlighted the zero carbon levels, what he talked about, which is that putting that framework in place, but understand that it's just the beginning you have the framework, then you've actually got to do the work ramp up your your your climate ambition, particularly for us in the area of agriculture. And we also had the ban of new permits on offshore oil drilling as well which is really really important. divestment assessment and Kiwi saver in terms of those those those companies invest in fossil fuels as well. So these these are these are really concrete things that we have achieved. But in terms of pressure

Nina Oyama 22:33
suggestion, um, if for applying pressure to government Look, I'm not one I don't usually I don't think countries invading other countries is usually a good idea, but um, would you ever just considered just like fully invading Australia and just take just taken the fuck over? Because I just think you guys

Lewis Hobba 22:53
need help out, we'd like leaving.

Teanau Tuniono 22:55
Yeah, maybe I'll mention that you sit

Nina Oyama 23:00
here and just sort of suggest just a casual war. Like,

please be on board. But I'll defect, I'll defect. It is

Dan Ilic 23:10
kind of interesting, because we all can't move to New Zealand like we'd like to, but maybe New Zealand could just make Australia and New Zealand that way. You know, we'd all be New Zealanders.

Nina Oyama 23:21
That could be a great phrase make Australia, New Zealand again.

Teanau Tuniono 23:27
That's gonna be willing to

Dan Ilic 23:31
tell us a bit about your background and things that you're really passionate about, and why you kind of got into politics after years of working in activism.

Teanau Tuniono 23:39
Yeah, well, it may not fished activists and I might be the last activist tip of joining the greens. I mean, it's actually part of our tradition, our proud tradition. I was on the board of Greenpeace previously before this as well. And I've worked at the climate change negotiations, I was at the UN Paris for the Paris Climate treaty, for example. My background is in law and of the intersection of indigenous peoples and the environment for a very long time. I've come up to Australia actually quite a few times with with Aboriginal activists that sum it up to borroloola, where they've been organised against the uranium mine up there as well, but the MacArthur river, so it got some long standing relationships with some some good folks up that way. It's just been my life. And some of the activists will cease to be an activist as I get older

Unknown Speaker 24:31
screen anymore.

Teanau Tuniono 24:34
Something that doesn't require that much movement. Even

Unknown Speaker 24:39
after a tree, that's cool. That's

Teanau Tuniono 24:44
the guy Steve Abel, who was just happy to be here actually. They were trying to cut down some trees up in Oakland and he was up a tree in the middle of the campaign, trying to save some native trees.

Nina Oyama 24:55
Well, that puts me to shame I'm a big click to vist I like to share on Facebook. Is there

Dan Ilic 25:00
the hype that they reach people? If there's a petition Naina will be there to support that petition? I don't know to know, like there's some there's been a good precedent of the newly minted politicians jumping in the activist game like AOC, jumping into that sunrise movement campaign, and Nancy Pelosi is office in her first few months, I mean, that you can do it and what actions are you going to be doing in the next few months?

Teanau Tuniono 25:26
in the planning stage at the moment, like seeing what, what formation the government will actually hear, right. And then it's about sort of putting those priorities and chairs, all the stuff that we campaigned on. And the things that we can get over the line are the things we can get over the line, the things that we can't get when we have campaign mode, that's how I see it. That's, that's, that's all the things, because, you know, we've got, like, if you look at the quality with people losing their jobs and stuff like that, making sure that there is enough there for people so that people have all everything that they need, in terms of housing, and food and all that kind of stuff, and how that actually filters down and support sub children, but also their families and communities. Their stuff for me is really important. Well, Deanna, thank you so much for joining us in irrational fear. It's really great. I've written you slogan for your next next run.

Dan Ilic 26:18
It's not what you know, it's DNA.

Lewis Hobba 26:32
It was a real pleasure to me and I as a yet quite I'm sure you could tell from our tone. We're all very jealous of your whole country. What you've done. Yeah.

Teanau Tuniono 26:42
I've been coming to sharlie weekend with like, ever collectibles for over 20 years, my good mates. And Australia surprises me with the large number of really progressive people over there. And then there as the number of people live

that part of the spectrum as well. Yeah.

Nina Oyama 27:06
Yeah. It's like what you can get done and what you can achieve in a country without a stranglehold of the Murdoch press.

Lewis Hobba 27:11

Nina Oyama 27:12
well, that doesn't exist, you know. Yeah. I know. They always talk about silent majority as being conservative, but I reckon they're actually progressive.

Unknown Speaker 27:21

Lewis Hobba 27:22
yeah. Did you wish to speak up?

Dan Ilic 27:25
is trying that's what I mean. That's one of the things that always goes on about saying that she'd never get elected if she was if she was in Australia and she just give up politics because because the price would make it too hard to operate. Yeah, but I think like what how New Zealand is really tackling the challenges of fossil fuel subsidies and and that kind of stuff as well is so important, and really takes the power out of out of fossil fuels inside parliament, which we don't have. Our government is pretty much an extension of the fossil fuel lobby.

Teanau Tuniono 28:01
Yeah, I noticed it's Yeah, it's no good.

All the other issues as well.

Lewis Hobba 28:14
You're on board before you

will kick in eventually.

Dan Ilic 28:20
Yes. Yeah. No, we didn't do one Kiwi accent joy this this. Big thanks to our fear mongers tonight. Nina Yama, Gridley Jackson Lewis haba. And Tiana to know thank you so much for joining us.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
Thanks for having us.

Dan Ilic 28:36
Thank you guys. Do you guys have Do you guys have anything Deployment Manager in a plug? Anything?

Lewis Hobba 28:44
Good is like to plug any baby. Great One. Really good baby

Dan Ilic 28:48
manager wanna plug anything?

Nina Oyama 28:50
Ah, the chase report podcast drops every Thursday or Friday, depending on what we feel like.

Dan Ilic 28:58
gretta while you're breastfeeding, do you want to plug anything?

Nina Oyama 29:03
Quiet and then I was like, Thanks, Dad.

Greta Lee-Jackson 29:10
Kitty could say

Unknown Speaker 29:15

Unknown Speaker 29:19
What a beautiful fella. And Tiana Tiana, do you want to plug anything?

Teanau Tuniono 29:23
Oh, yeah. Shout out to all the social justice and environmental environmental activists over the Australia.

Lewis Hobba 29:33
Your gates unlocked on a date as yet to be specified.

Dan Ilic 29:41
Louis, anything.

Lewis Hobba 29:45
Please Yeah, we will. Not end same old same old for me.

Dan Ilic 29:49
Excellent. big thank you to Maddie Palma, Adam boys Kilian, David Kim Williams, Kiran castellina. And of course, Jakob round on the tech and tepanyaki timeline. Big thanks to rod marks the birth of foundation going yearold Patreon supporters, and until next week, there's always scared of good

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