A new day in America? Tennis player entitlement — Froomes, Tommy Dean, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic


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This episode has a special interview with Brad Blanks from his Washington D.C. hotel, also us expat comedian Tommy Dean, viral star Lucinda 'Froomes' Price, Lewis Hobba and Dan Ilic.

We talk Tennis player entitlement, the US presidential Inauguration, and we ask if Donald and Melania are over.

BRAD BLANKS at the AVN Awards 2008 — Directed by Dan Ilic: https://vimeo.com/2174819


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Unknown Speaker 0:00
This podcast is supported in part by the birth of foundation.

Unknown Speaker 0:04
Okay, Louis, how are you?

Lewis Hobba 0:05
I'm very well Daniel, how are you?

Dan Ilic 0:07
Happy New Year.

Lewis Hobba 0:09
And same to you. How's how's summer? How's life you're looking? I can't believe you're looking 10 because your light is so bright that you actually look like you've got a post apocalyptic tan.

Dan Ilic 0:20
Yeah, that's right. Well, I have been in a bunker for the last four years, so I don't know exactly what's happened, but I've emerged like a sakata and I'm ready to get my F on Yeah.

We are back. This is Episode 98. Which means Louis Episode 100 is coming up very soon. We've got a live show with Alice Fraser Gabby bolts Sammy Sha. Lewis. You're doing it I believe. I hope Great.

Lewis Hobba 0:45
Thank you again, I love to I love to hear what I'm doing on the internet.

Dan Ilic 0:49
Also, DJ Tom loud is playing the show aka hot dog Time Machine. Chris Taylor is joining us and I've got a I've got a hint of a special guest. Who will I've been trading emails with Louis to see if they would also do the show. I'll give you give. I'll give you a hint. When I

Lewis Hobba 1:05
already know they use emails.

Dan Ilic 1:10
He's recently moved to Sydney.

Lewis Hobba 1:13
Matt Damon, no, no,

Dan Ilic 1:15
there's no Matt Damon. It's not Sacha Baron Cohen. But he does facilitate people putting toys together on television.

Lewis Hobba 1:22
Oh, interesting. Interesting.

Dan Ilic 1:25
He is your professional competitor. Sometimes. I mean, let's be honest. Sometime again.

Lewis Hobba 1:30
I are not competitors. He is so much more successful than me. I would be surprised if he was aware that we are competitive.

Dan Ilic 1:37
There we go. So February 10. Giant wolf in Sydney. I'm recording my end of irrational fear on gadigal land in the urination sovereignty was never ceded. We need a treaty. Let's start the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
A rational fear contains naughty words like bricks can rub

Unknown Speaker 1:56
and gum

Unknown Speaker 1:57
and section 40 of irrational fear recommended listening by immature audience.

Dan Ilic 2:03
Tonight Scott Morrison scolds cricket Australia for acknowledging indigenous genocide by saying isn't changing one word in the anthem enough, and while Steve Bannon was pardoned by Donald Trump, only one of his seven shirts will be loud out of prison. And Kamala Harris becomes the 47th president of America on Oh, sorry, false alarm. I read that wrong. It's still riding. It's the 22nd of January a new day has dawned in America. This is irrational fear.

Welcome to irrational fear. I'm your host, former owner operator of the greater wynwood exotic animal Park Dan Ilic. Joining us to hold our hands through the toughest of stories this week is an American expat who refuses to acknowledge that the Trump administration ever happened. You may have heard him on TGI F. It's Tommy Jane, can I tell me Hello to you. As an American How you feeling today?

Tommy Dean 3:07
I'm feeling relieved. I'm feeling like we're moving forward to borrow an Australian phrase which we should borrow more of. Like a time for unity is here but i think i think that only because Joe Biden said unity so many times it's on my mind.

Dan Ilic 3:25
And she's on a quest to meet the king of spin so far, buying out a billboard and having a hit track with collabs from flume and j flip isn't getting his attention. Who knows it's listening to French fries. Listen to what will be enough to get Shane one's attention.

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 3:39
Um, well, I got it last night he started following me.

Dan Ilic 3:42
This is this is breaking news here irrational fear.

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 3:47
It took me five years, five years of messaging back and forth but now he will be my husband.

Dan Ilic 3:54
And finally is a man with legs that just won't quit. It's

Unknown Speaker 4:02
I you know,

Lewis Hobba 4:03
it's summer. Obviously if you listen to this podcast in six months, it's American Summer. It's always summer somewhere baby. But one thing I wear shorts you know? That's Call me crazy man.

Dan Ilic 4:15
If you follow if you follow Louis on Instagram, you got some great solid takes ahead of you.

Lewis Hobba 4:20
Thank you so yeah, get him get involved, please. I don't Shane Walters and following me. You know, I will say that every every time I wear shorts, someone asked me if I'm just gone for a run and it's because I have it's because my dumb legs so skinny. All right.

Unknown Speaker 4:35
I thought it was

Lewis Hobba 4:37
always joking. That's just because armie hammer and I have friends.

Dan Ilic 4:45
Coming up later in the podcast, I have a chat with us basis train reporter Brad blanks from his washington dc hotel where he was Oh, so close to the Joe Biden inauguration. You could hear his pacemaker. But first a message from this week's sponsor

Unknown Speaker 4:59
as spreaders of misinformation are banned from social media. There's only one man you can turn to for reliable untruths. Craig Kelly there

Unknown Speaker 5:08
has been complete abandonment.

Unknown Speaker 5:11
The most trusted man in lies is backing up every ill conceived social media post and every awful conspiracy to his own website, Craig anon.com. For just $1 a week, you can get all the posts that Craig Kelly will soon be banned from posting publicly at Craig anon.com where he'll be posting anonymously under the nom de plume Craig Kelly in pay but how will you know it's Craig posts will be on hinge to be spilt and recycled from his Sky News rants.

Unknown Speaker 5:42
If you look at the peer reviewed numbers of pestilence and play, the seven seas are gonna sort of boil and rise

Unknown Speaker 5:49
because there's only one thing better than free speech. And that speech so free it's untethered to reality sign off to kraken.com because the cost of free speech should be $1. A week on proceeds will go towards Craig Kelly senate run in 2021. So it can be a Craig upon both your houses. Yes.

Dan Ilic 6:05
All right. Let's get stuck into the first fear is the Australian Open tennis tournament or a reeducation camp? tennis players are some of the world's most privileged individuals and yet, because a few of them just brought a little bit of Coronavirus into the country with them. They've gone and got their balls in a knot feed mungus should they be complaining about being stuck in quarantine? Tommy Dane.

Tommy Dean 6:27
Yes, yes, yes, they should. Why would we know they are there. But a lot of us overlook about the professional tennis player is they only exist four times a year.

Dan Ilic 6:43
That's the Australian Open, Wimbledon, the US Open. And

Tommy Dean 6:48
sometimes the French Open a few of them appear for that. But that's you know, played into some sort of weird surface that not everyone likes.

Lewis Hobba 6:56
I love the arrogance of Australians to be like you should be lucky to be here. It's like they all live in Monaco for tax purposes. It's delightful. They're not lucky to be here. We want to be here because we have nothing else to do except watch tennis.

Dan Ilic 7:11
Novak Djokovic wrote a list of demands that he brainstormed with a bunch of other players including move as many players as possible to a private house with a tennis court to facilitate training. I don't know in Melbourne all those houses are interact which was ground zero for Coronavirus. That's never gonna happen. I have an idea. What's that? Friends?

Unknown Speaker 7:31
Put them in the Big Brother house.

Lewis Hobba 7:35
That's interesting. Now the Gold Coast open.

Tommy Dean 7:39
I'm a celebrity Get me out of here. Australian Open version? Yeah, I think it would be ideal because some of the stuff that they eat for training, it would not be something a real human would want to consume. So I think it'd be a lot of fun to watch

Dan Ilic 7:51
it is getting it he's getting to that point, though. You know, some of the players have taken their protest one step further than posted photos of themselves, holding up signs against their hotel windows saying stuff like I need practice, which kind of echoes similar signs that detained asylum seekers in Melbourne have been holding up against their windows for the last 14 months. kazakstan Yulia putintseva even held up a sign reminiscent of the BLM protests, which said I need to breathe fresh air. I'll tell you what, if I was an asylum seeker, I'd be holding up a sign against my window saying we'll play tennis for freedom. Famous is this kind of behaviour. Okay.

Lewis Hobba 8:27
Well, Australia has a proud history of skipping the cue if you're handy at sport. Like Wait, you know, it goes a long way back

Dan Ilic 8:36
to when

Lewis Hobba 8:37
we I mean, we've had a there was the entire dockage family. Remember the dockage family it was they were pretty handy at tennis, and dimeo dockage was there though, just like skipped him through. And then we had the Tatiana Grigoryeva she I'm sorry, I

Dan Ilic 8:52
did theatre 1000 silver at the Sydney Olympics and pole vaulting?

Lewis Hobba 8:57
Yeah, I mean, this is a hunger game suggestion but it doesn't feel out of the pocket for Peter Dutton to just say, every refugee competes in some sort of scratch match. We find out what they're good at suddenly is

Dan Ilic 9:11
tell me Dan, you You came here on a sports bridging visa? What sport did you do?

Tommy Dean 9:16
Oh, there's so many that was the thing at the time was i was i was a heptathlete. I could just do a little bit of everything. Now the secret with pentathlon is another choice. The decathlon just be kind of good at a lot of stuff. No need to stand out and you get to travel the world as an elite sport. I think the mistake tennis players have made is they totally focused on a single elimination sport. I can understand why a lot of that not so good. Players are deeply upset. They've had to stay here for 14 days, which is like 10 days longer than most of them have to stay here. During the actual tournament. They show up play a match pick up a check,

Lewis Hobba 9:55
go home that full quote from Dan Andrews as well when he told Novak Djokovic that he wouldn't be Giving into his list of demands the sentence he said before it was people are free to send a list of demands But no, but as soon as I heard that I was like wait, what? Wait, wait is allowed to send Daniel enters that demands. Oh my god. This is like better than Christmas. I'll put it full Dear Santa a million dollars.

Dan Ilic 10:18
I don't know if you saw this, but sports bit had put out a list of demands that know that Jovovich was going to put up next on it include karaoke and smoke machines for all the players rooms. Permission to play at any Melbourne karaoke bar. This one had quite long odds Bruce Mac have a need to join the channel nine's is truly an open coverage. But the longest one was $67. It was a slab of a bay and I thought that was pretty accurate. That was gonna be a bay.

Tommy Dean 10:45
I think a lot of them are just asking for what they would have expected to get at tournament you know, fresh towels at every change. That's easy. Violet brakes. Yeah, a couple of kids in the corner to pick the balls up for them. That's what their mission is to doesn't miss a couple of kids chasing your balls down for you.

Dan Ilic 11:06
Hey, Becca, my dad was calling room service.

Lewis Hobba 11:10
I I've been trying to think about how to solve this because I love watching the tennis. I'm not a huge tennis fan. I'm an Australian tennis fan. I care for a month a year. But I do think that we do need to come up with some sort of solution for international sport. We've got the Olympics in Tokyo coming up later on this year as well we need to come up with some sort of solution for that. And I think it should just be cruise ships like we got an old they've got tennis courts. We move all the players onto the cruise ship. TV crew trainers family, only fans girlfriends, we

Unknown Speaker 11:41
move them on the cruise ship

Lewis Hobba 11:43
and then it just sails from port to port and we can just watch from baking just pull up the Australian Open on the Ruby princess and then it's in I can pull in the US at the harbour in the US and just travel around.

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 11:56
Do you could like be put into the semifinals if you're the most popular on tik tok.

Unknown Speaker 12:03
Everyone is doing

Unknown Speaker 12:06

Tommy Dean 12:07
There's no reason that in the world that we're moving towards we should prize honesty. There's no reason that we even have to get all together in Tokyo for the Olympics. Why not just let everyone run the event on their home track and tell us what their time was

Dan Ilic 12:27
100 metres in four seconds the baby guys sorry, well record again. A lot of records this Olympia Thank you.

Tommy Dean 12:37
Lots of records no drugs.

Unknown Speaker 12:43
Tomic schoolfriend comply,

Unknown Speaker 12:45
this is the worst part of quarantine.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
I don't wash my own hair.

Unknown Speaker 12:49
I've never washed bone hair. It's just not something that I do

Unknown Speaker 12:53
a rational fear.

Dan Ilic 12:55
This week second fear collectively the world sphincter has loosened as the peaceful passing of the USA nuclear codes went from Trump to Biden. The inauguration was a star studded affair with appearances from stars like Tom Hanks jello took to the stage to perform the 1999 hit. Let's get loud intro and outro by four minutes of this land is your land. And in a sign of unity Garth Brooks. So why first of all country singers sang the African American spiritual, Amazing Grace. It was a nice touch even if halfway through. He encouraged everyone around him at the inauguration sing along to forgetting for a moment that there was a global pandemic. You know, I was in shock not because of the request to sing, but I totally forgot that before 2016 there were celebrities other than Scott Baier. And Kid Rock I live in Alabama. Now, did you folks watch any of the inaugurations? What are your thoughts?

Lewis Hobba 13:48
Yeah, I dabbled. For me it could have used a bit more three doors down. Trump had it maybe they had all the big games, three doors down. I actually googled during the inauguration, that trot who played at Trump's rally because I remembered everyone who said no, yeah, but I didn't remember who had said yes, I remembered three doors down. But there was this guy who played the Trump inauguration, who you should go and look up. His name is DJ Ravi drums. And essentially, he is like the Timmy trumpet of the drum. For the TV trumpet fans, he's a DJ who plays the trumpet. Right? And he's Australian guy. Hugely, very rich, but quite odd. And I mean, musically. And DJ Ravi drums is that he DJs and plays the drum kit. And, and people like, first of all, how did you Where were you on the list? Who are they asking that? DJ Ravi drums is playing. We're at a point where like, like Joe, God actually actually got Bruce Springsteen. Trump got rejected by a Bruce Springsteen cover band. That is a true story. Like that's where we went and he's like, the first generation immigrant and everyone's like, what are you doing? Like this guy hates immigrants. He's just like, My dad's sick and this is the last chance I'll get to perform at inauguration in front of before my dad everyone's like, all right, Robbie drums, your eyes good enough. They're in

Tommy Dean 15:10
the USA Freedom kids. toddlers dance troupe who eventually had to sue Donald Trump's campaign to get paid for the gig. That's right. Yeah,

Dan Ilic 15:21
that's right. Well, it was a very different thing two weeks prior. We all know the story as the Capitol Building was taken over by some enthusiastic World of Warcraft cosplayers. Unfortunately, for people didn't respond. It was very sad. To me, you have a family in America, how conservative are they? And how are they managing this moment in time?

Tommy Dean 15:42
They're very conservative. They are. They're all the conservatives. They're NRA, they are Republican. They are Christian, right. It's trifecta of why I live in Australia. Very much very conservative, but they're also reasonable people, you know, so it's been kind of interesting. They've always loved Donald Trump. He's always been their president. They love the Republican Party. And at every misstep, as we would call it, they just saw it as an educational moment. We'll learn from that. That was my favourite. That's what make the most I've ever heard my mom say that since I was a kid.

Dan Ilic 16:19
We'll learn from that. Oh, he'll learn he'll learn from that. Oh my god.

Tommy Dean 16:22
How do you feel about your guy pay it off? A professional porn star?

Dan Ilic 16:27
Oh, he'll he didn't know that you didn't obviously learn anything.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
That's crazy.

Dan Ilic 16:34
It's kind of interesting. I read I read a Reuters article today in kind of preparing for the show and a part of a whole bunch of telegram channels on the app telegram where Q anon supporters are going What the hell happened? What happened to the grand plan? Well, hang on just q not exists at all What's going on? This is gonna be very disappointing for those people to come back to reality.

Lewis Hobba 16:56
Well, the guy who has been like the main queue and on a distributor like kind of people suspect he is cube but never confirmed. He sent everyone home. He his he did his post today was guys, essentially what the message was, it's over. Forget this. But the real like the real genuine friends who made along the way essentially.

Tommy Dean 17:23
I've seen posts from some of my crazy friends that have been like queue oriented, who are saying the same thing. Look, I'm a little disturbed to work out this might have been a hoax. But I'm sticking to the fact that I researched for myself. I learned a lot of stuff about me. Sure. Flat earthers are idiots but

Dan Ilic 17:44
we had a we had a reason. Firms you spent a lot of time on the internet Have you come across many q anon supporters who kind of in your world

Unknown Speaker 17:53

Tommy Dean 17:57
yourself bubbled you live in. Round Rock. question is how do I accidentally stumble into pitch?

Lewis Hobba 18:06
I mean, I'd like to find out that Shane Warren was a secret.

Dan Ilic 18:13
Now that the Trump administration is over focus for the former president turns to building the Presidential Library rooms have it It could be the first presidential library with a drive thru. Given that Trump has never visited a library fear mongers. What will the Donald Trump library look like firms? What do you reckon?

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 18:30
Why can McDonald's said that he could make a mega McDonald's store? It would actually be amazing. I think kids would want to go to the Trump Museum, which would be great for America.

Lewis Hobba 18:43
It would be amazing if it was like a full drive thru and you just ordered, you know, it was like, I'll have an out of the deal meal. I think that'd be great.

Dan Ilic 18:55
So someone on Twitter sent me a reply to my drive thru dragon. He said yes. And you can order a magazine. I thought that was that was very good. That was very well done. Well done. Right before Biden was sworn in to systematically dismantled Donald Trump's legacy. Trump's landed in Palm Beach, Florida, and just moments after landing milania Trump left Donald on the tarmac so that Donald could wave to the cameras all by himself, which had people on social media wondering is it finally over? As in? Is their marriage finally over thromes Is it over between Donald and Melania?

Unknown Speaker 19:31

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 19:32
I think it'd be it's so interesting because now that the stakes aren't as high like we can really enjoy the milania like lifestyle like hopefully she can open up a bit more and let us in because she's so mysterious and Interesting.

Lewis Hobba 19:46

Tommy Dean 19:50
I want desperately to wish that some there's some amazing story about how she got trapped in the Trump reverse.

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 19:58
There is there isn't a amazing story and she's going to tell us one day.

Tommy Dean 20:02
I sure hope so. Cuz right now I still have my money riding on she is a terrible person to

Dan Ilic 20:10
coming up at the end of the podcast we reveal what Donald Trump wrote in a letter to Joe Biden as he took over the Oval Office.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
Exotic aka Tiger things could get a presidential pardon. annoyed this one Trump loyalists, I'll be pissed if that dipshit does make the President's list of pardons. they seize a rational here. It has

Dan Ilic 20:32
been a big event in America in the last 20 years, there's been one man on the ground, covering it just like a journalist, but I hasten to add he probably wouldn't count himself as a journalist. He is a rollicking, roving reporter, I guess is probably the best way to do it. He's one of my best mates. His name is Brad blanks. He is on the ground in Washington, DC. He was there for you know, for the inauguration. Brad, welcome to irrational fear. How you feeling on the first on the first day of a Biden presidency?

Brad Blanks 21:01
It's an honour to be on your podcast, right? Well, yeah, amazing. And you're correct. I am not a journalist. Like into the middle of the night. Yes, I am rollicking. I, I have to report something. It might not be of the highest IQ or intellect or academia, academia, but I will attempt to talk to those people and try to spin what I've learned from them to people that somehow try to understand me.

Dan Ilic 21:28
I was thinking about this this morning, Brad, before I spoke to you, I was thinking, geez, you know, if you actually took all of Brad's work, and you had a look at every single thing he's ever made, it actually is an incredible slice of American and American history. Like over two decades, you've been on the ground at some of the biggest events in America. And you do get to the heart of the story in a roundabout way.

Brad Blanks 21:54
Yes, and this one is proven very difficult. This is the heart of this story, which is essentially an inauguration where no one could get in and despair for for for the real life journalists that actually have to get a story. I'm gonna just go on the radio saying, There's men with soldiers, and I'm not walking past them right corners. I'm scared I I could do that. Get away with that. But what about the, you know, the Argentinian American correspondent that needs something. And they actually standing in the same spots as me at these locations around Washington DC, where there's really no story so

Dan Ilic 22:32
it must be strange. If there's no one out and about probably if you're local in DC, and you're just walking by the mall, you must have gotten harangued by 1000 recorders, to say how you're feeling like by the time it gets to you, you'd be like, it'd be like the SAG Awards, Brad blanks at the end of the line to the SAG Awards. Celebrities don't want to talk to you anymore. Like

Unknown Speaker 22:49
No, I've had enough

Dan Ilic 22:52
for talking to reporters for the night. I'm just trying to get some milk and bread.

Brad Blanks 22:57
cocker spaniels just been smashed by reporters from all over the world. He's like, Oh, my goodness.

Dan Ilic 23:03
What is it feeling like? What does it feel like in in about in America to start off with and then how did it feel this morning? inauguration?

Brad Blanks 23:12
Yeah, it's, it's interesting, cuz, you know, I feel better. You know, we in some sort of weird way, like, here's the thing with Trump, you always stopped when Trump was on TV on a Trump speech, and especially during COVID when he was actually carrying on television every day. It was incredible viewing from, and it was hard to because you're watching it with, you know, a comedic take or going, Oh, this is gonna be funny. And then you're realising, oh, my goodness, this is the president. This is quite serious. This is crazy what he's saying. So there's Yeah, you've had to balance yourself. And that's not very good to look at life through a lens where you're quite light hearted, and you're looking at a President speak and then you realise, oh, no, this is this is this is really shitty, what's going on? It's so so that's, that's good that that stress is off my brain.

Dan Ilic 23:58
Right? You're so right. It's just a dud dilemma, because Trump is a really entertaining but be terrifying in every single policy decision.

Brad Blanks 24:06
That's right. Yeah. And and so now we wake up and violence Yo, a lovely, sweet man. And, you know, when he does an Irish poem, it actually warms the inside of my heart, and I'm not a big whiskey drinker. But when he does an Irish poetry, I want to drink whiskey. He is that kind of guy. But I don't know how many long speeches Am I going to watch of his compared to lining up to watch Trump so in some ways, there's a pressure off and it'd be interesting to talk to like light night TV hosts, comedy writers in that field of how they how their careers to hell look for the next four years what Stephen Colbert going to do.

Dan Ilic 24:43
I'm pretty sure Stephen Colbert won't be bereft of jokes. I think there's plenty of humour to go What does what does DC feel like right now?

Brad Blanks 24:54
Yeah, so I did by I watched inauguration. It was 12 noon. You know, American East In seaboard time, I finished I went out onto the street for one more walk around, there was maybe 30 extra people on the street. And this is the one street that runs parallel to the Washington mall. And let's say about 600 700 metres away from the mall away from the White House away from the Washington Monument. And there are people out there walking around having fun playing some music, but no fanfare really not like um, it's hard to compare to like the Obama inauguration in 2008, which I will 2009 January that I went to which was 2 million people and it was just madness, you know, and fun and, and then I went to the bill clinton inauguration in 97. January and that was an absolute free for all where I was partying with death, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders until three in the morning I like like a young backpacker, go and God bless America. So this experiences is a lot more quiet. And as I said, I walked down the street that's parallel to the mall, closest to you the White House and you know, 3040 people, more people than there were there

Dan Ilic 26:10
last night. I imagine if people were allowed to go to the inauguration you would be partying with the Golden Girls because of job.

Brad Blanks 26:17
That's right. And you'd be socially distant. You're hugging Yeah, and you know, fake hugging so yeah. A very weird experience to be a reporter behind steel fences and barricades So

Dan Ilic 26:33
did you get anything for your new york radio hit at all did you get Did you get any good? Any good content?

Brad Blanks 26:42
I've actually had a very fulfilling reporting experience like why Why? I think Tony up there no way I'll give you I'll give you the why. stuck in a bedroom doing radio reports for nine months. reporting on COVID when I've been stuck in a bedroom out the end of Long Island. I really don't know. People would call me and I have to do radio reports on how New York City's feeling and I'm like, What the hell am I gonna say Audrey got my mic. cosy. who's living in the city? Well, how the hell do I know I'm sitting in my room? I haven't left I go out to get groceries. This is

Dan Ilic 27:15
out of touch with a common man Brad you out in the Hamptons, India. banca people from all over Australia calling you to want to know what's going on is that

Brad Blanks 27:30
cow Stephen Ivica today's show or sunrises told all my mates in Australia but they seem to have Australia America burning and coming out into the real world. And it's actually not bad. The traffic's really heavy. That seems to be a lot of commerce. It's just at the Washington DC straight to shut down and there were no insurrectionists anywhere and other than just, you know, it was just it just looked like a basing cabal or Baghdad. It seems America is on the right track, then

Dan Ilic 28:02
you watch the inauguration closely. How did you feel about his speech?

Brad Blanks 28:06

Unknown Speaker 28:07
great. Fine,

Brad Blanks 28:08
you know, hit all the right marks. You know, I think he's speakings got better, which is interesting, you know, as a guy that's aged to the last year and he's, you know, where they say he ran, he's, he's home, he ran for president from his basement. And he's out and getting a bit of sunshine. He sounds great.

Dan Ilic 28:27
I think they've increased the font size on the autocue.

Brad Blanks 28:32
He stumbled a few times, I noticed that he repeated a couple of sentences that I'm like, Oh, poor guy, but

Dan Ilic 28:37
you we forget that he's a dyslexic rock. He's you know, he's actually dyslexic. We kind of forget this.

Unknown Speaker 28:43
That's right.

Brad Blanks 28:45
He was good. And he was one of the people that were like our G's are putting up a year ago. The Democrats are putting up a 77 year old against Trump. This is gonna be it. What are you doing? What are you doing? He just kept winning a lot along the you know, along the trail and, and now he's president and I'm, I've warmed to him. I mean, I feel good with the big guy and he's fun and cheerful and likes a joke. And now, anyway, not that. I don't vote but I thought I'd vote for him cuz he likes a joke. Yeah, it seems like a good man.

Dan Ilic 29:20
Yeah, he loves it. He loves a good smell of a woman's hair just like any other man. Well, Brad, now that Trump is gone, there's probably more hope that I will absolutely be allowed to return to America. So I have to visit you and so

Brad Blanks 29:35
will you. Please write out your secret service photo of you somewhere?

Dan Ilic 29:39
And I have no doubt I have no.

Brad Blanks 29:45
Morrison handling you? Yeah, Prime Minister Morrison is he? Does he like you? Oh, he doesn't care.

Dan Ilic 29:49
He doesn't care about NATO. Brad Brad. Nobody cares about me. I'm just a little fella with my little podcast. Yeah,

Brad Blanks 29:57
you're the most winningest podcast in History. That's right.

Dan Ilic 30:01
You don't win Best Comedy podcast. Right. Here's the trophy. You know, just like Scott Morrison, I've got a trophy on my desk.

Brad Blanks 30:11
That makes me so proud. I can always say that you brought the best out in me when I was at the porno award.

Dan Ilic 30:19
Yesterday, there was, you know, I was thinking that that trip we did in 2008 was eight there was an incredible trip all over America. And you made some funny stuff.

Brad Blanks 30:30
Yeah, it was guy. Well, you you inspire me That was good. I mean, I think I got profusely ill the night of the porn awards. Were in the press room and I got sick there. I don't know what happened. Maybe I'm not as kinky as I thought I was.

Dan Ilic 30:44
Maybe picked up an STD from the expo floor.

Brad Blanks 30:48
That expo floor. Oh, my goodness. It's like, you know, the Royal Sydney show, isn't it?

Dan Ilic 30:54
If you want to see Brad, on the floor in Las Vegas, at the porno award, something a video that I directed and produced with him. I'll add the link in the show notes. So you can check that out Brad blanks. Thank you so much for spending some of your evening with us. Thanks, Dad. What

Brad Blanks 31:09
is it for? democracy, Dan, democracy

Dan Ilic 31:11
have a safe drive back to New York City. Yeah, thanks, my

Brad Blanks 31:14
good man. Brad blanks. They're

Dan Ilic 31:17
coming to us from his own hotel room in Washington DC.

Lewis Hobba 31:20
It's interesting that the know the focus, the fact that journalists are so used to having a constant churn of insanity to report on. And now suddenly, like, everyone's wired, everyone's like, match fit for insanity, and there's no insanity to play. And I really wonder where that energy is going to go. Like, for me, if I was a world leader, I would be nervous, because for the last four years, you could shit on a stall in the middle of Parliament. And it would not be the craziest story of the day. Like you could do almost anything and get away with it. Whereas now, like I saw today that Scott like Scott Morrison opened his mouth. And I don't know if you guys saw this about talking about the 12 ships that arrived in Australia, and the day that Australia Day and whether or not it should be celebrated. And he is out his argument was, it wasn't to flash for the guys on the ships either was his was more or less his quote. And like a week ago, mid insurrection, that might not have hit the news. But today, all of a sudden, you're like, Oh, that's that's the stupidest fucking thing that I'm gonna hear today. All of a sudden, the dumbest man in the room is you you've got to like keep your shit together. Now,

Dan Ilic 32:35
after we've lived through this moment. It's kind of like, I'm thinking about Scott Morrison is Hey, what's the premises to is this was his This is what's going on. It's

Lewis Hobba 32:44
it's always so low for four years that you had to do nothing to jump over it. Now, we could be the lowest bar

Dan Ilic 32:51
or right now in America, everybody's trying out crazy each other to kind of play to the Trump base so they can consolidate the base around themselves. I don't know if you're saying like what Ted Cruz is saying is awful. And what Mike Pompeo is saying is awful. All these folks are trying to kind of position themselves to be the 2024 kind of new Trump. And so they're trying to out crazy Trump in order for those Trump people to kind of attach themselves to them. So that's kind of the kind of the really annoying thing right now is that Trump is gone. But now there's 10 more Trump's because there's his base that is ready to vote for them.

Lewis Hobba 33:28
It's a babushka doll.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
And Trump,

Tommy Dean 33:33
sort of stupid Hydra. Yeah, but I'm also I do have this little bit of hope in me that, you know, one day, we will come together because of a group of Trump supporters will be coming down the aisle, and another Trump supporter group is coming down the aisle. And they're both I sort of extended each side of crazy. And they're going to be wanting to talk about how awful The world is. And then together as two disparate groups, they will suddenly discover as one, that T shirts are still unbelievably cheap at Walmart. And they'll be so happy and they'll all buy a new t shirt that says America. It's kind of okay.

Dan Ilic 34:11
Yeah, thank God for globalism.

Tommy Dean 34:13
I have to go back to make it great again. It's always been kind. Okay. Yeah. We have to show I think it was never terrible. even talk of it being in ruin now is oversold. It's always been kind. Okay.

Dan Ilic 34:27
I think 2021 that's all you can ask for. You can ask for it. To be kind of okay.

Tommy Dean 34:33
Kind of, okay.

Unknown Speaker 34:35
Australia Day, it's all about acknowledging how far we've come when those 12 ships turned up in Sydney, all those years ago. It wasn't a particularly pleasant day, but the people on some on those days was either irrational fear

Dan Ilic 34:48
and that's it for rational fi A big thank you to tell me Dane listen to friends price and Louis haba. Do you folks have anything to plug Tommy's gonna plug anything

Tommy Dean 34:56
I'm going to be showing Okay

Dan Ilic 35:03
friends do you have anything to plug? Um

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 35:05
Yes I have my flats ladies remix of my song for him so the song that's going to come out next week

Unknown Speaker 35:11
well Excuse me.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
Here's where you mixing it. facility

Froomes (Lucinda Price) 35:17
is coming out next week and then wait for the album drop at least by

Unknown Speaker 35:22

Dan Ilic 35:22
This is a prank gone too far for

Unknown Speaker 35:27
the whole time.

Lewis Hobba 35:29
I can't wait for the invitation to the wedding.

Dan Ilic 35:33
Louis Do you have any Do you have any shows coming up maybe

Lewis Hobba 35:36
one in February that you want to fly just I just found out about a really great show. A 100th episode of rational fi in February giant dwarf theatre you'd be mad to miss it. incredible lineup of guests, including the much better me Hamish Blake.

Dan Ilic 35:53
But perhaps we haven't sold just waiting for him so I can announce it. But he said 10 selected so I'm taking that as as as locked in as locked in as a good piece of Lego.

Lewis Hobba 36:03
I mean, that's specifically not what pencilled in a

Dan Ilic 36:08
big thanks to rode mics, the birther Foundation, our wonderful Patreon supporters with whom we cannot do this. By the way, if you are a Patreon supporter, you get discounts to the live show. So make sure you head along. Look at patreon getting a discount code plug that in. Now I'm going to leave a big thank you also to Jacob Brown, Virginia gay Rupert Degas killing David David bluestein. Our discord jockeys COVID kisah p McNeil ads pay to Lola and Miss Maddie pay will leave you with this. As is tradition. Most presidents leave each other a little handout or note wishing the incoming president Well, we've actually managed to get a copy of Donald's letter that he gave to Joe Biden, here it is.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
Dear Joe, as your senile I will write this letter slowly. As I leave the White House with my wife and her look alikes. I reflect on my time here as a career highlight of their with when I play the successful hotel owner in home alone to last in New York, even though you had the highest amount of votes in US history. I had the second highest and second is better than first, just just two is higher than one. That's just a fact. So with that in mind, congratulations on pulling off a hoax election and undermining the country. I dos by red cap your way. And I've chosen to write this letter in my finest grant. You have ruined democracy in ways I could only dream and I usually only dream of the hamburger. But as a chick with big Tata. It has been an honour being the president of a country that would allow me to be president. Sincerely, Donald J. Trump. PS Follow me on parner PPS, actually, don't follow me on

Dan Ilic 37:54
that. Thank you. That was the wonderful Rupert Degas written by Kelly and David and produced step by Jacob round. That was very good. Thanks, everyone. That's it. Love it.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
Thanks, man.

Unknown Speaker 38:04
We'll see you next time.

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