You've got to make emissions to reduce emissions - Adam Bandt, Lizzy Hoo, Geraldine Quinn, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic - 25th Sept 2020


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🤑 CHIP IN TO OUR PATREON 📨 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST: If you want to support the podcast and take your car carbon neutral, with GoNeutral here: Interview: Adam Bandt Geraldine Quinn Lizzie Hoo Lewis Hobba and Dan Ilic Inside the Minister for Emissions Reductions office, everyday is 'opposite day.' As the saying goes: You've got to make emissions, to reduce emissions. You have to do something, by doing nothing. The only way to create emissions free hydrogen is by using greenhouse gas. The only way to encourage renewable energy is to defund renewable energy. We're living in very strange time. The rest of the world is aggressively moving to a carbon free future. China is set to decarbonise their economy by 2060. Next year at COP26 every country will be taking plans to go further, and ratchet up mechanisms for further emissions reductions, because the Paris agreement isn't going to cut it. Net 0 emissions by 2050 is no longer the big ambition, it's the status quo. A few countries will be going in hard to do even more. Leading, in other words. And when the world is doing this, where is that leaving Australia? Australia is the Shore School of the world. Outwardly rich, entitled, antagonistic, and going around spitting on poor people and taking photos of its penis on things to win points with mates, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. Instead of doing the work: transitioning the economy to a carbon free future. We're burning more gas - to lower emissions? Gaslighting figuratively and literally. Dan Thanks: Big thanks to The Bertha Foundation, our Patreon Supporters and RODE Mics. Jacob Round, Kate Holdsworth, Rupert Degas and David Bloustien.

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