#104 - Tina Muir on walking your talk


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In episode 104 I speak with Tina Muir who is the founder, host and CEO of Running For Real. Tina is a mother of two and former international runner for Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Running For Real Podcast is a collective of conversations about running, the climate emergency, and social justice. This podcast has amassed over 4.5 million downloads, and is one of the most recognised running podcasts.

I spoke with Tina on episode 248 of the The Running For Real Podcast.

Tina also hosts a second, highly rated podcast with Knox Robinson called Running Realized, noted as "The 'Invisibilia' of running" by Women's Running.

In this conversation we spoke about:

  • Navigating social media, how to create content that means more to what human beings need, even if it loses some of the audience.
  • Looking at what does authenticity look like.
  • Exploring how to let go of external validation.
  • Transitioning after competing at an elite level back to running. Managing the competitive side and keeping the joy in the process.
  • Lessons she has learned from her time working in media and podcasting.
  • Plus much more…

You can follow her on Instagram @tinamuir88


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