#110 - How to Evaluate Marathon Performance with elite coaches Jen Rhines and Terrence Mahon


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In Episode 110 I’m joined by elite coaches Jen Rhines and Terrence Mahon.

This live episode is the third of three adizero Marathon Season Twitter talks to help you improve your running with insight from elite Adidas runners and coaches.

At the start of the conversation we had technical difficulties in connecting all the hosts, but this was quickly resolved and after the introductions the conversation starts at 6:25. There were no further connection issues, following this.

In the first live adizero runner’s round table talk I spoke with Charlotte Purdue talking about developing the marathon mindset, which you can listen to in episode #106.

In episode #109 I spoke elite runner Steph Davis about how to structure speed into training.

In this conversation we covered the following topics:

  • How to plan and approach the marathon with your coach
  • What to do post race, and how to avoid common pitfalls post race
  • The post race debrief between coach and athlete, how to access what went right and what lessons can be learned
  • How to approach changes to your training post marathon
  • How to manage situational moments, to racing to compete, for managing GI/fuelling issues mid race, how to approach race strategies, to facing injuries etc
  • Tips on how an athlete can re-focus based on whether the run went to plan or it didn’t
  • Plus so much more.


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