#111 - How to turn your weaknesses into your strengths, with Blair Wilson


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In episode 111, I spoke with runner Blair Wilson. We first met back at a Maverick race, a trail event which he won (episode 101).

Unbeknownst to the both of us we both were in the same starting corral for the 2021 London marathon, which he ran in 2:52. We talk about this, and his running journey across the disciplines from the road, track, trail and XC.

Blair shares how he learnt that he was on the autism spectrum as an adult.

He provides insight into how autism traits he had were misunderstood, for just being seen on the surface level as rude, unemotional, or perceived lack of expression in the face or voice etc. He explains how it was misdiagnosed for him with physical or mental health challenges. It’s a lesson for those not on the spectrum to see behind the stereotypes of what autism looks like.

Once he learnt he was on the spectrum, he has taken the perceived weaknesses and turned them into strengths. Blair has taken responsibility to learn more about himself, so he is better present and connected with himself and others.

In modern life, the word failure gets a bad reputation, so in a new feature of the podcast we discuss three areas where he has learned through “failing” and the lessons he has developed. This is one of my favourite podcasts conversations.

You can follow him on Instagram @blair_runs


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