Creating Brands that Chinese Consumers Want


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Everyone recognises that China is the next big consumer market.
But even the most savvy marketers are struggling to succeed here.
This rapidly changing market is actually compromised of multiple niche markets - under one roof.
To win in China you need to understand what the Chinese consumer wants - and today that goes way beyond just luxury goods or international sports brands.
Today I’m speaking with Jenny Bai, cofounder of Mingyian, a digital media and technology company that redefines the way global celebrity and entertainment brands are developed and delivered to Chinese millennials.
Jenny has spent over 15 years in China brand development, marketing and media.
Through hands on experience, she has come to know the nuances of what resonants with China’s young and incredibly sophisticated consumers. At the same time, she’s learned the ins and outs of China’s ever changing social media and integrated technology.
As we try to navigate our way into this exciting but challenging new market, Jenny’s advice and insights will provide important guidance. And help us to avoid making some costly mistakes that other brands are making.
You can reach Jenny at Mingyian's website: or on WeChat: jennybai6 or Twitter: @jennybai
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