138 - Dr. Shantanu Nundy, CMO of Accolade, Asks the Tough Questions About Our Healthcare System – and Shares How We Can Change


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Dr. Shantanu Nundy is a primary care physician, technologist, and business leader who serves as Chief Medical Officer for Accolade, which helps over 2 million people navigate the health system. In addition, he practices primary care in the greater Washington, DC, area and serves as a senior advisor to the World Bank and a lecturer in health policy at the George Washington University Milken Institute for Public Health.

He is the author of the powerful new book, Care After Covid: What the Pandemic Revealed Is Broken in Healthcare and How to Reinvent It: https://www.amazon.com/Care-After-Covid-Pandemic-Healthcare/dp/1264259123

In our discussion today, Dr. Nundy shares compelling patient stories that force us to ask some hard questions about our healthcare system – and think about how we need to change to meet the needs of all patients – not just those who can make it to the clinic and afford care.

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