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Survey results from the end of last year indicate that a fair number of ‘A Tale of Two Hygienists’ listeners want to hear more about laser use in their work, and today, Michelle is only too happy to oblige by inviting one of the Queens of laser education, Joy Raskie, RDH, to the podcast. The Director of Advanced Dental Hygiene, Joy is a practicing dental hygienist who lectures, conducts laser training courses and does in-office laser consulting as well. She is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) where she obtained one of the highest degrees in laser dentistry, an Advanced Proficiency in dental lasers, and is among an elite group of 20 RDH’s who holds this certification worldwide. Joy knows lasers and she is here today to answer all your questions.

In this episode, Joy answers Michelle’s many questions regarding laser use in dentistry including details about the basics of lasers, the importance of training and practice, initiated and uninitiated tips, curettage and non-curettage states, laser use protocols, and how to manage some potential scenarios. They also delve into ways to speak with patients about both laser use and associated fees, aftercare for patients, codes to use, and the quality educational opportunities which Joy provides.

Interview starts: 7:50

  • Michelle and Andrew at ADHA 2021
  • Michelle’s award
  • Joy’s background and how she got into working with lasers
  • An introduction to lasers
  • The importance of training and practice
  • Initiated and uninitiated tips and curettage and non-curettage states
  • Laser use protocol
  • Some potential scenarios involving laser use
  • Talking to patients about laser use and fees
  • Aftercare for patients who receive laser treatment
  • Codes for laser
  • The educational opportunities that Joy provides


“I'll be at the mouthwash booth if you want to see me have a mental breakdown.”

“Get whatever laser you want, you're going to be using it.”

“Is this, like, my lightsaber?”

“My boss has been my mentor - a big shout out to Gary Hagen in Colorado.”

“Honestly, your cell phone probably has more harmful radiation than a laser.”

“Lasers are a form of light. And each laser is a specific wavelength.”

“If I take a laser into the mouth, it will only be attracted to the dark disease, but do nothing to the pink healthy tissue.”

“You can definitely use the laser in a wrong way.”

“You’re decontaminating, you're not cutting the tissue, because you're using a super low setting.”

“If you see some bleeding coming out and you pull your tip out of the pocket and you don't see any of that granulation necrotic tissue on there, you know you're done.”

“You don't want to give people a laser sunburn.”

“You make sure that they're sitting up, you look them in the eye, and if you truly believe in what you're recommending, they'll do whatever.”

“The laser is going to help protect your mouth from having that bacteria attack between our visits.”

“There are ways to get coverages.”

“This is all motivational interviewing - give them the option, let them be the, you know, expert in their life.”

“I was about ready to, like, punch the chick in the face.”

“Look on my website, find a city. If you have at least six people, I will come to a city near you - just call me up.”

“Anybody who listens to a podcast about dental hygiene for an hour every week, and you've done that for years, like, you are changemakers.”


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