295 Student Focused Presents: How To Order Instruments At Your New Job


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In this episode, Andrew Johnston, RDH is joined by Machell Hudson, RDH and Neil Hoover. On this episode our guests and Andrew dive into what it is like when you enter your first practice and how you can go about getting the equipment you need to be the best clinician possible.

Machell is a repeat guest of A Tale of Two Hygienists and a clinical hygienist, speaker, coach and lover of all things Oral Systemic Health! Niel works in the DSO space with Dentsply Sirona and manages a team that manages the largest 150 dental support organizations in the industry.


- New Grads

- Hygiene School vs. Practice

- Formularies

- Budget

- Lunch & Learn

Interview starts: 2:33


“I was told in college we are the smartest we are ever going to be.”

“I am really so grateful that I temped at first because I got to experience different practices and methods.”

“Not a single practice was like what clinic was in college.”

“If you’ve seen one DSO, you have seen one DSO, they are all different.”

“There is no way any single individual out there can know every product on the market.”

“Budget is not a bad term.”

“The dental organization wants the best optimal clinical care done, no matter what.”

“Go slow, to go fast.”

“Lean on your doctor when you get out, they seem a little scary when you first get out but they are not.”



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