TIPisode: Zeroing In On Xerostomia


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This week on A Tale of Two Hygienists TIPisode we are joined by Brooke Crouch, RDH from Elevate Oral Care to talk to us about dry mouth and using Allday Dry Mouth Spray to treat your patients.

Episode Highlights

  • Causes of Dry Mouth
  • Allday Dry Mouth Spray
  • Xylitol


“Dry mouth is a subject I have become all too familiar with.”

“It isn't just our elderly patients that suffer from dry mouth.”

“That article said about 27% of people are suffering from dry mouth.”

“Recommending the right dry mouth product can not only alleviate their pain and discomfort but can also benefit their oral health.”

“Not all dry mouth sufferers are the same.”


Allday Dry Mouth Spray

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