All About Nootropics With Roy Krebs


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Learn all about nootropics, neurotransmitters and brain health in this episode of the podcast! My guest is Roy Krebs, founder and CEO of Natural Stacks. We talk about neurotransmitters, the symptoms of dopamine deficiency, sourcing the best magnesium, and a little about CBD! Show notes: [2:00] What are nootropics?[5:00] What are the neurotransmitters and what do they do for your brain?[12:00] Symptoms of dopamine deficiency[19:00] How to use caffeine and not experience anxiety or jitters.[24:00] Magnesium deficiency and why chelated magnesium that is linked to an amino acid is the type to look for[30:10] How to find the best CBD products in a crowded market[34:00] What other supplements are good for anxiety?

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