Become Unbounded With Aaron McCormick


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Raised by a single mother on the South Side of Chicago, Aaron McCormick overcame a difficult start to become one of the world’s leading technology business sales executives in his twenties. He went on to found several other companies. We talk about: How trusting our "gut" rather than the opinions of the world improves every facet of our life: career, money, relationships, and familyWhy the dark period we are experiencing today will eventually serve humanity The power of introspectionWhy "nice guys don't finish last" in business and life Aaron's book "Unbounded, a Journey to Your Within," dives further into these topics. Show highlights: [1:45] Aaron's story of success and beating the odds [1:45] Why it's very easy "go along to get along" rather than act on our gut instinct - and why ignoring this always backfires [24:45] Dealing with ostracism [28:10] Why good things can come out of our current dark period [33:41] The power of introspection [39:45] Channel anxiety to serve you. Empathy and career success.

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