Detox Your Body With Tim James


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I chat with Tim James, health coach and founder of about: The toxicity of the standard American dietWhat foods to combine (and what not to combine) for optimal digestionThe three toxic ingredients found in many commercial supplements and how to avoid them Tim also shares his healing story! Check out Tim's "Health Heroes" podcast, and learn more about his coaching and supplements at Use the code Teaspoon for a 5% discount. Show notes: [2:00] Tim's story of healing from digestive issues, eczema, fatigue, and inflammation[10:10] Tim's experience at a nutrition clinic, which included a raw vegan diet & colonics.[13:40] The root cause of some food allergies and why soaking grains can help. [16:40] Proper food combinations for optimal digestion[21:46] Heavy metals and parasites in fish[23:00] The three toxic ingredients contained in many commercial supplements, and how to read labels to avoid them![30:30] About Tim's coaching and supplement company 5 % off all orders with the code:: Teaspoon[32:00] Four core secrets to better digestion

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