Finding Inner Peace With Tiffany Nguyen


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Learn how to achieve inner peace, even during chaotic and uncertain times. My guest, Tiffany Nguyen, is a pharmacist-turned-spiritual life coach. She shares her healing journey from a breakup, how she found her own voice, and her path to inner peace. We also talk about tools that can help you achieve inner peace during uncertain or difficult times in your life. Visit Tiffany's website at for more information and how to work with her! Show notes: [1:20] Tiffany’s journey to becoming a spiritual life coach, due to her own awakening and her breakup with her fiancé[5:20] Why rejection, breakups, and loss can lead to better paths[9:00] What is inner peace, and how can people find it for themselves?[11:45] How can people find inner peace in a chaotic and uncertain world?[17:24] The power of being present[19:45] Why changing our thought patterns can change our lives[26:00] How to remain kind while drawing boundaries

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