Healing: A Conversation With Jonathan Goldman


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What is a healer? What is healing and how can we process trauma? Can we heal ourselves?

I chat with Jonathan Goldman, healer, the author of “Gift of the Body,” and the director of The Essential Light Institute about all of this and more. We chat about how can anyone be a healer, what self-healing is, and how traumatic events in our lives can lead us to this path.

Find out a few ways to improve your mood during our current times of uncertainty, hold compassion for yourself, and feel alive again. Also, Jonathan provides some steps to help you heal from past trauma and move to a place of joy and peace.

Show notes:

  • [1:00] What is a healer? What is self-healing?
  • [4:01] Jonathan’s path to becoming a healer
  • [8:10] How healing can help one who is struggling with depression during the pandemic
  • [18:32] Heal and move on from trauma
  • [27:30] What is the aura? How to remove energetic cords on your aura.
  • [35:00] What is the light?
  • [40:00] What is The Essential Light Institute? How to work with Jonathan.

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