Healing Through Art Therapy With Barbara Bustard


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Tapping into your creativity through art, pottery, writing, or other pursuits is a great self-healing method. Picking up a paintbrush or a pen triggers relaxation, and getting creative helps free your mind from worry, promotes a good mood, and forms new neural pathways. All of us are creative! My guest, author and teaching artist Barbara Bustard, talks about how you can heal through art therapy. She is the author of a chapter about healing with art in the book "The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques" compiled by Laura di Franco, a previous guest on the show. Show notes: [4:30] How does art or doodling help release stress, generate dopamine, and help one heal?[8:00] How creativity helps you manage stress[10:30] A typical art therapy session with Barbara and why writing also promotes healing[15:23] Barbara reads a passage from her chapter[19:00] How starting your day with art, journaling, and meditation is a positive step. Why is color so healing?[25:00] Getting in touch with Barbara and more about the book

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