Healing Through Forgiveness With Judi Miller


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Judi Miller is a speaker, coach, and the author of “Perfect. A Path to Love, Forgiveness, and Transformation.” Learn how forgiveness, unconditional love, and letting go can help you heal your “stories.” We all have had unfortunate experiences, and we often get stuck, allowing experiences become our identity. Judi describes her powerful story of healing her own and generational trauma. By feeling her emotions, experiencing them, letting go, and refusing to stew into negative stories, she created a new, positive reality. Forgiveness releases you from the cycle of victimhood and allows you to move forward with freedom! Learn more about Judi and claim a free eBook at judimiller.net. Show notes: [1:25] Judi’s three questions for the listeners.[2:44] Forgiveness and letting go of your "story"[3:31] Judi’s story of healing her generational trauma[13:20] About her book. Healing our negative “stories” that don’t serve us.[20:00] Why forgiveness is so powerful[28:25] Healing with prayers of forgiveness (no religion required)[34:34] Coping with stress due to the pandemic[39:15] The power of unconditional love

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