Healthy Gut, Healthy Hormones With Esther Blum


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I chat with integrative dietitian Esther Blum about how your gut microbiome and stress affect your hormones, especially in perimenopause and menopause. Esther, an RD, chose to pursue the path of functional medicine, and explains how this differs from traditional dietetics.

We chat about the gut, hormones, supplements, dietary changes and more! Visit Esther’s website at Esther is offering five complimentary consultations at

Show notes:

  • [0:45] What is an integrative dietitian?
  • [3:24] How Esther came to the world of functional nutrition
  • [6:12] The link between the gut microbiome and your hormones
  • [12:58] Stress and your hormones
  • [19:30] About functional nutrition & root causes
  • [23:45] Why people struggle to change their diet

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