Intimacy Wellness With Susan Bratton


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Supercharge your sex life and bring the spark back into your relationship! I chat with intimacy wellness expert Susan Bratton about how she rekindled the passion in her long-term marriage. We discuss why many long-term relationships become platonic, how to heal from sexual wounds, shame, and betrayal, as well as concerns affecting male performance anxiety and the female orgasm gap. Access Susan Bratton's videos and ebooks at Show notes: [1:36] Introduction and background about Susan's marriage. Healing her previous sexual trauma[7:02] What is the "orgasm gap?" All about Susan's ebooks and videos[13:26] Why 60% of marriages have intimacy issues and how couples can solve them[17:45] Overcoming guilt and shame around sexuality -[26:09] What is a dakini and how men can stop worrying about performance[28:00] How porn can hamper lovemaking for both sexes[37:00] Why "quickies" are the best way to erode your sexual relationshipThe sexual soul mate pact -

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