Reboot Your Life With Dominick Quartuccio


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Learn how to do inner work and create an intentional awakening in your life! My guest talks about how he awakened, made a drastic change in his life, and opens up about how he healed from sex addiction! My guest is speaker, author, entrepreneur, and podcast host Dominick Quartuccio. He left a thriving corporate career to become an entrepreneur. He took a sabbatical, went on a silent retreat, and experienced an awakening in his life. He provides tips on how to create an awakening in your life by disrupting patterns, and avoiding what he calls "the burnout trajectory." We chat about how men can transform their lives by doing inner work, and how women can support them. Dominick also candidly shares his journey of healing from sex addiction. Find more information about doing inner work in your life at Show notes: [2:45] Dominick shares his journey of leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, including taking a “radical sabbatical”[13:00] How to get out of a rut and stop drifting[16:30] How to shortcut the "burnout trajectory"[22:15] How can men do the inner work to optimize and change their lives, and how women can support them[29:30] Dominick's journey of healing from sex addiction[44:15] How to be more present in your life by reducing smartphone use

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