Treating the Vagus Nerve With Melanie Weller


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Optimize your mental health, get into a "flow" state, and manage stress by treating the vagus nerve. My guest is physical therapist and medical visionary Melanie Weller. The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic or "rest and digest" nervous system, and also connects with the gut. Learn how to treat a compressed vagus nerve through healing your "stories" and connecting your physical body with the stories of mythology. We also chat about the many stories the body can teach us, and how we can organically be healthier as a society. Show notes: [1:30] Melanie’s introduction and the story of the Osiris wound [4:00] What is stress and how does it affect our health? All about the vagus nerve: what it is, what it affects, and how to heal it. [14:30] How treating the vagus nerve can lead to our highest potential as humans [19:15] Determining & treating the source of stress via connecting our bodies with the stories of mythology [27:00] How to get more “flow” into your life & business [29:13] At-home techniques for opening up the vagus nerve

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