Healing With Qigong With Master Mingtong Gu


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What is Qigong, and how can this moving meditation help reduce stress and anxiety, promote a better mood, and improve physical health? Originally from China, Qigong is based on the infinite energy of the universe that is available for any of us to access. My guest is Master Mingtong Gu of the Chi Center in New Mexico. He arrived in the USA from China as a young man, and founded a form of Qigong known as Wisdom Healing Qigong. Learn about its healing and immune-boosting benefits, and how you can begin practicing! Access Master Mington's online classes and ebooks at ancienthealingsecrets.com! Show notes: [0:40] What is Qigong?[3:30] What is "Wisdom Healing Qigong"?[6:30] Master Mingtong's story[14:00] Advice for people suffering from stress, anxiety, isolation, and depression during the COVID-19 crisis[22:00] How to practice Qigong[29:40] Can qigong boost our immune system?

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