Beneath The Dome (Men, Balding & Loss)


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If I say body image, what do you think of? Stomach fat? Thigh gap? Laser hair removal? You probably think of women. And for good reason. Because women get a lot of pressure to look a certain way. But this happens to men too. And that’s worth talking about. In this episode, we’ll hone in on one aspect of men’s body image: hair loss. First, we’ll take a look inside the thriving hair loss prevention industry and then we’ll explore the underlying motivations that drive men to take drastic measures and how the world of psychotherapy might approach this differently. This episode is a collaboration with the podcast Mannish, a show all about masculinity and gender. Credits Experts: Dr. Sheldon Kabaker Rob Schene, MFT Molly Merson, MFT Jordan Wolfe, LMHC Morgan Brown Dr. Bernard P. Nusbaum Dr. Ron Shapiro Produced By: Lily Sloane & Jesse Rhodes ? Music: Maruumba, Man of Mystery, The Pieces Fit, Mayday in the Morning by Topher M. Lewis Old Fashioned Auto Piano obtained via creative commons at Additional Music & Sound Design by: Lily Sloane Other Media: WTF am I going bald???!!!! Special thanks to the strangers at the bar for sharing your stories, Lucky 13 for letting us fraternize with microphones on your patio, and Shoshana Walter for your feedback.

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