How Does That Make You Feel?


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A Therapist Walks Into a Bar Presents: A Brief Psycho-Education There are lots of cliches about therapy, but one of the most popular...well, it’s true. We DO ask “how does that make you feel?” A lot. In this brief episode, I'll talk about why we ask and why it's important to learn how to tell the difference between thoughts and feelings. Thank you Jesse Rhodes, Abby Thompson, Molly Merson, Talia Recht, Tiffany McLain, Dan Scharlack, Christine Hutchison, Robert Solley, Elaine Chan-Scherer, John Clark, Abby Volk, Tina Kopko, Cynthia Hoffman, Paul Ziller, and Topher M. Lewis for contributing your voices to this "minisode". This episode was produced by Lily Sloane with editorial assistance from Jesse Rhodes. The theme song is "Maruumba" by Topher M. Lewis and this episode also featured the song "Identical Twins" by Lily Sloane.

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